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This is really a question relating to exporting, but I couldn’t find this field. I’m wanting to create an export plan to enter offshore markets with a new NZ made and designed product that has been validated in NZ. The product is used in the healthcare/disability sector. I’d be grateful for some help to:- Create criteria of good offshore markets to target for our product- Picking markets where we have the best chance of success- Insight into how offshore healthcare/government organisations runAnyone with experience in healthcare/disability/medical industries in the following markets: AU, US, UK, Canada, Germany would be great. Thanks in advance. 

Question submitted 09/10/20 @ 08:18am
Industry: Manufacturing
  • A good place to start for information is NZTE. They’ve recently expanded their coverage of companies that they serve, but their new customised portal is a good jumping off point https://my.nzte.govt.nz

    Agree with Gavin that NZTE is a great place to start, plus I suggest you approach ATEED/ Regional Business Partner Network – they may be able to co-fund consultancy to help you with this. I’m not familiar with your industry sector, but I suggest your criteria should include: total addressable market (known at TAM), competition, disposable income, government regulatory environment (could these be funded, etc), duties/tariffs/etc, sales channels, etc. Good luck

    The above two responses are spot on and a great place to start. My only other bit of advice is to choose one market to get into to start with. It is so tempting to try and launch this into multiple places, but, and I have learned this the hard way, when you are working on limited resources focus, focus, focus on one country. Leverage contacts and don’t give up! Also, look at an online play while the world is sorting out travel etc. I can give you some more advice if amazon.com is on your radar.

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