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Uz Tena koeMyself and my partner have an idea to start up an online portfolio package for schools and teachers as we know it’ll help immensely with the world becoming more technological. There hasn’t been one setup yet and were still in the midst of brainstorming the details and we know it’s a lot of work to put into it but we are willing to commit to it as we know it’s needed. My questions are how do we get the help we’ll need to make our future potential business become a reality? We need a lot to get this going and any help from you guys will be a blessing.. 

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      Morena – so good to hear from you and your vision to help – it is important.

      Everything starts with a dream and an awareness of what is missing in a school, in a community, in a market. The ‘but’ is whether the time is right and whether you can fill that gap technically while also building revenue or margin that enables you to sustain that.

      Starting something is also a very emotional thing – because it takes awareness to see the problem or gap, and then you often own it and convince yourself that it must be done. What we do need to do however is work out a few things after you start with this is missing e.g.
      – what are people doing right now in their daily habits in the school, can you observe, can you identify the range of issues or problems they have, do these observations or interviews give you any insight as to where you might start – some people talk about interviewing up to 100 people in the ecosystem before you should finalise ‘where to start’
      – who else is doing something in this space, I think there will actually be a lot, for example, I know that the Mind Lab trained over 5000 kiwi teachers in Digital TEchnology over the last 10 years, and I presume there are lots of tech companies trying to provide better tools to teachers and students – understanding the lay of the land will help you identify how much is actually happening
      – is this a good market? ie can you actually enter this market and win, not only delivering the value but getting paid for it, who will pay you? the schools? the government? the users?

      A couple readings that might be helpful – dive into what resonates for you and your partner

      When you are starting, it is important to be driven by your vision, your dream to make the world better from your solution – but working through first, how good this market is, how prescient the real pain point is, and whether you can work out where to start on the path is a really critical focus to do.

      All the best and thank you for coming to Manaaki! Andy

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