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Want to start a software analysis business. Where do I start with a website, web address, insurances, indemnity, marketing…ect

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    Hi Theo

    There’s a huge range of topics there.

    In our free book we have some advice on on choosing a domain name: http://www.rocketspark.com/ebook/. When choosing a business name and domain name its also good to check if the social media profile names are also available for the key social media channels.

    If your website is purely informational or ecommerce then a website builder like Rocketspark is a great way to get an online presence. Google ‘Website Builder NZ’ and you’ll see some options. If you are developing a platform to do the software analysis that is a different kettle of fish and you’d want to engage developers for this task.

    We’ve bootstrapped (self funded) our software business so we’ve always been careful about spending money on anything not essential but we did engage a marketing lawyer to get the terms right (Rae Nield Marketing Law). We wrote the basic terms ourselves first and Rae filled in the blanks.

    Also check out this platform which has free templates such as website terms: https://www.advisme.co.nz/smart-legal-documents

    For indemnity we arranged it through a friend who was a broker. They use Lumley who have a tech indemnity insurance product.The cost is relative to your business revenue and which countries you are trading in so it is lower when starting out.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards



    Hi there, that’s a big question 😊!

    You can use a domain registration site like https://nz.godaddy.com/offers/domains to research website names and register the web address. Then WordPress (lots of cheap website templates available https://wordpress.com/themes, https://elementor.com/pages/free-templates-3, https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress). Or you can use a website builder tool like https://www.wix.com/.

    I recommend doing some keyword research first (https://moz.com/explorer is helpful and has a free 30-day trial, other tools can be found for example https://www.semrush.com/lp/keyword-magic-tool-1/, https://ahrefs.com/keywords-explorer, but I find Moz easiest). Use these tools to understand what sort of terms are used in your target industry and try and use a related, memorable and easy to spell/type term for the website domain name.

    In terms of the legal and process side of things, Here is a link to several start-up templates that are good starting points https://kindrik.co.nz/resources/startup-resources/.

    Regarding indemnity and insurance, any business insurance broker can help you out. https://apexinsurance.co.nz/ is an example that I have come across in my past, but any business insurance broker will help you out. (Quick comment, if you haven’t started the business yet, insurance can probably come a bit later but please take your own advice on this).

    Regarding marketing, it depends on where your target market is. Can you provide a little bit more insight?

    I have posted this elsewhere, but this is a useful beginners guide to getting found online (at least in search engines). https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Introduction-to-SEO-Tactics-and-Strategy-for-Entrepreneurs/681600915

    Understanding what your customers read, where they hang out, where look for best practise and answers to problems, asked for vendor recommendations, etc. will hopefully you understand where to start your marketing efforts.

    All the best. Reach out if you need anything else.


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