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Wanting to learn more about automation and integration with my on-line retail stores. 

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    Hi there,
    What is it that you’ll like to learn more regarding automation and integrations?
    Basically nowadays you can just about do anything to automate admistrative work or for email based communication with your customers.
    It depends on firstly which platform your website is build on and what plugins and software are available for your website platform.
    A key thing to note is how your lists are segmented and organised and what data is extracted for automation.
    There are some cost effective platforms with existing apis build for WordPress or Shopify websites if that is one of those you’re using.
    If you can provide more info about what you’re wanting to know, we can assist further as we do work with automation on a regular basis.
    Anne Casey, from Marketing Minds


    So many ways this could be answered so I will ask a couple more questions and cover some basics aroudnthe what/why rather than the how as until you have those nailed the “How” is irrelevant.

    1. is there anything, in particular, you are wanting to automate?
    2. What are your biggest bottle necks or friction points stopping conversions?

    Automation is great and there are so many options and things that can be automated but it is dangerous to head down an automation path without a clear vision of what you want to achieve and ensuring it is aligned with the core purpose.

    Rather than trying to “automate” your e-commerce site I would recommend first of all trying to identify the biggest friction points stopping conversions or bottle necks that are currently being slowed down by manual processes

    Examples of these could be:
    A lack of automated lead capture or nurture sequencing to increase conversions
    Manual printing, pick and packing and booking of couriers

    look at each friction point as an opportunity to introduce automation and treat them as separate projects. You can then prioritise budget and time as well as measure impact

    Happy to chat to help you get some clarity on the above at any stage.



    Hi There

    As the team have shared there are certainly plenty of automations to consider from marketing to logistics.

    A few of the key ones that our ecommerce clients adopt:
    – Integration with accounting software such as Xero to streamline your bookkeeping
    – Integration with Mailchimp ecommerce for some simple marketing automation such as abandoned cart messages, welcome messages and ‘come back’ type messages. Check out our recommended top 5 email marketing automations here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/216/Rev-up-your-online-sales-with-Rocketspark–Mailchimp-ecommerce/
    – Automation of sending out parcel tracking info. Systems like Go Sweet Spot automatically send the tracking info to customers when the courier collects the parcel: https://www.rocketspark.com/gosweetspot/
    – Integration with retail point of sale software such as Vend will automate the stock level updates for your online and offline channels.

    As per the advice from Glenn be careful with marketing automation too. Some great online stores are very good at building a community which requires an element of true personalisation. Check out the blog and video here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/254/Ecommerce-secret-saucethe-9-simple-essentials-of-ecommerce-success/

    Kind regards



    There are three ways that marketing automation can help you with your online store:

    1. By automating what you offer customers and prospects at different stages of your marketing funnel,
    2. By automating the initial stages of customer service via chatbots before handing off to a human.
    3. By automating the synchronization of your data with various platforms, reporting tools and ecommerce channels.

    Marketing Automation is something that enables effective businesses to become more effective. It’s a sales multiplier. If your struggling with low sales volumes you should focus on generating more traffic before implementing too many marketing automation solutions.

    I recommend the following as a good starting point for an online store:

    Integrate your eCommerce store with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalogue. This allows you to run Google shopping, Facebook Store and Dynamic remarketing across each platform. Any changes to your store inventory will automatically update your ads.

    Trigger a 3 step abandoned cart emails series to get people to complete their purchase.

    Use a chatbot to answer customer enquiries and guide them in the right direction for advice.

    Set up an automated customer welcome emails series. You can even use the link tracking to work out what types of content your customers are interested in based on what they click.

    Automate the import of customer data into facebook. Use this list to create a facebook lookalike audience. You can also use this list to exclude current customers from receiving your advertising.

    You can start out with the basics and overtime you can evolve and add additional layers and sophistication.


    Thank you for your reply.

    Ideally I am wanting to run 6 On-Line Retail Stores (all drop ship)

    I have started with 2 over the last 1.5yrs in an effort to trial this and look at the profitable outcomes over time, these are all pretty good regarding the response from the market, in relation to my marketing strategies.

    In an effort to run all 6 I am wanting to know what you would suggest would be the best way to do this with the less amount of work getting maximum profit.

    I drop ship, so I have suppliers, all orders are dispatched from supplier to client. Its a typical drop ship transaction.

    Client purchases my product either through my website or direct to me via FB
    I see that order ( I clip ticket)
    I buy product from supplier & give details of items and address to send
    Supplier sends to client
    Offer reward for review

    I use WIX – my supplier has a great product & a large range of product but not tech savvy so I cant integrate
    I have Laybuy as purchase option

    Thinking or transferring to Shopify as I have noticed it more adaptable and integration friendly


    Tina Aitken


    Prob get a supplier that can integrate with my platform?

    How would I find local suppliers of Women’s Fashion Retail product that can integrate to e-com specifically? thee ol call around i guess

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