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We are a husband and wife team – and offer photography and website design.We need help positioning ourselves so that we can offer something valuable to small NZ business at a time when people are not looking to spend! We also need help to identify our strengths in this season we find ourselves in.  Ultimately, we want to support other small business like ours to see them survive and thrive, by adding value with our services.  Ngā mihi!

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  • Morena – thank you for your mahi and sharing. Our peeps right now crave a few things given so much uncertainty, isolation and fear – connection, certainty and hope. It is a super important time to be able to provide hope – hope can spring from imagery, the power of the story in words, and in that a website can provide the shop-window into a world of trading. I recognise a web presence is only one part of the job.

    Lets think about how to break this down a bit, one great place to start is to go back to your past customers, and do a few things (1) ask them for their reflections on the service you provided, the process and their outcomes since plus ask them two things, is there something you could do for them now to help them, maybe even offer updated photography for the site for free or discounted and the 2nd is to ask them for recommendations for other people you could work with (2) of the great examples of sites that you have done in the past, can you start profiling their sites and what they do in blogs or stories that show how cool they are and also how you guys do this work that makes a difference (3) then think about your existing customers and what segments/markets they operate in and if there are other similar businesses in their segment that you could target – a lot of this is about using your past to fuel your future. Word of mouth can be powerful.

    In terms of other target customers – people want to desperately open to digital – and they don’t know how to do it – they also probably can’t do the full-bang site right now – what other tools could you use to help them get up and running – could you offer to help people get their Shopify or Swiftly.nz site up – you do that part for them but add photography to make it look more epic that others.

    I hope some of these ideas help you – Nga Mihi – Hammy

    Hi there, There are a ton of small businesses that need you right now, many of which are still in a position to pay. Are you part of any small business networks where people can get to know you and the services you offer? I can highly recommend She Owns It, which is a female entrepreneurs network where the members are dedicated to supporting and working with each other. It costs about $10 a month and is the perfect place to build business relationships and help others, but also engage in some paid work and business development.

    I’d be really happy to take a look at your branding and website/social media presence for you (free of charge) if you’d like to email me at monique@dressingup.co.nz.

    Wow thanks so much for this, really valuable offerings – we so appreciate it!! (And apologies for a slow reply, I’ve only just logged back in!!)

    Hi there
    I love your focus on providing value to other businesses, while bolstering your own. I agree with the comments above. My advice would be to think about:
    1. Defining your unique offering and brand value: identify your gap in the market by looking at what others are doing in in your space. What can you offer that’s unique and aligned to your personal values (i.e. you seem to value collaboration and helping others to succeed. How do you leverage that ethos and way of working through offers to collaborate with others)
    2. Create easy to access products and services. Can you package up and brand different service offerings? Talk with your existing customers and find out what they value about your offering and seek input into ways to improve it or make it more relevant for today’s climate. SMEs in particular are looking at cost effective ways of improving their digital presence, so your website services, will still be needed.
    3. Be where your audience is: one of the most cost effective and quickest ways to grow your reach is through targeted social media posts i.e. Facebook, which allows you to direct your content to the right demographic with nominal spend (sign up to Facebook Manager for this) and look at improving your Google search prominence; also be part of relevant active communities. A couple of examples to look at is the New Zealand Made Products public Facebook page (which now has nearly 430k members – could you post a selection of your photography if it has consumer appeal?), or draw up a list of business networking groups to become part of, such as Co.OfWomen (a business community for female entrepreneurs – check out their Linked In – they are gifting free memberships until 1 June). Good luck!

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