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We are a jewellery retail store.  We have been keeping customer 1m apart and keeping a contact tracing register.  We’ve now been told we don’t need to keep the register but have to have customers 2m apart.  Is this correct?  We can only be 1m apart at the till, and sometimes are in close contact with customers to measure their fingers for rings.Could someone please clarify?

Question submitted 19/05/20 @ 02:54pm
Industry: Retailing
  • Hi there,

    I lifted this from the Covid19.govt.nz site (see Workplaces and Businesses):

    Retail businesses:
    – need to keep customers 2 metres apart
    – do not need to keep records of customers to enable contact tracing.
    – There is no maximum number of customers allowed in a store, as long as they can keep 2 metres apart at all times.


    Morena, confusing I know, this whole period is a continual path of certainty and uncertainty as we (and Government) work through the requirements – as difficult as it is, we just need to roll with it and do what we think makes sense with distancing, cleaning and keeping people safe. They can’t check on every business so they are relying on you.

    I know from my kids that ‘distancing’ is not happening in Schools as it is just not practical when you have 1500 kids in a confined area and on/off buses.

    However, Peter’s advice and guidance is good above. Good luck. Andy

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