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We are just starting on our business journey. All the fundamentals are in place e.g. registered limited liability company, we have an accountant, etc. We have been invited to submit a proposal, to vy for a public service commission tender. We specialize in the what the public service commission want but we have never done anything like this before. Where do you recommend we start? 

Question submitted 18/08/20 @ 12:41pm
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    Hi there,

    Can you share a little bit more about your business? For example, is it a product or a service? One-off sale or ongoing subscription/service? Who would be the main buyer and who are the other people in the decision-making unit (DMU)? What problem does it solve? Who in the DMU is likely to gain the most benefit? Are any of the DMU likely to resist (due to the perceived pain of change, threat to their position etc). What is the status quo (without your product)? Would your product be purchased to avoid pain/risk / be compliant or is it an aspirational (better operations etc) sale? Are there likely to be competitors bidding?

    A little more information would help me and hopefully, a few others, give you some ideas regarding where to start.



    PS Answering these questions if you haven’t already considered them may be a good place to start 🙂


    Hi Tio,
    straight into a govt service tender is straight in the deep end! Those processes can take a lot of time, require a lot of compliance which is typically tough for a business in its early development stages, and really accurate planning and costing – VERY tough in first stages. As some one who once won a $6m p.a. contract that caused us $6.5m worth of pain – not all business is good business!

    But could also be a gold mine. I would try and find some one in your network who has been through that process before and ask for their assistance or perhaps some on in an adjacency you admire and could ask for some direction.

    And as Sarah has suggested above, considering sharing more info on Manaaki and there may well be some one in the network who can help.
    Good luck, Vicky

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