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We have a product that we have developed but we need to get it out to the marketplace. Would love some advice around this? 

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    Really need some further information to help you out here:
    1. What industry will you be in?
    2. Is your aim to sell through e-commerce or wholesaling, both or something else?
    3. Have you got a brand/logo/story or just a product at this stage?

    Exciting times launching a new product!



    Hi Brianne

    I am sorry. I have only just received your questions.
    We have the product developed.
    We have an organic product that removes odours. We import the base product and developed the product for the RV market for cassette toilets and grey water tanks. It is also great for septic tanks.
    We initially developed the product as a giveaway to customers but now we have found many wish to purchase it. We aim to sell through e-commerce. We developed a website but it has been hacked and I cannot upgrade it.
    The product is Odour Gobbler.
    Our website is http://www.ogs.co.nz
    We also have a Facebook page.
    With thanks


    I’m not an expert , but I would have thought the answer was relatively easy .

    You identify your customers , and where they will buy .

    So I am guessing two customer groups — motorhomes/freedom campers , and toilet hire firms .

    So compile up a database of toilet hire firms , and either courier out a 4 litre bottle , with marketing and a letter . Or get their individual e-mail addresses , send an email to each place/branch , outline the benefits , and have a reply ‘coupon’ , where you send a 4 litre ( or whatever ) sample . The second option means they actually read the info , and opt in , so they have some ownership . Just sending a sample will mean it not only costs you more , but at least some places will just go ‘oh , it’s a freebie’ , use it and not monitor or follow up , and continue with present suppliers .

    The email ‘opt-in’ also means that after ‘stage 1’ , you not only follow up with those interested , but also make others aware of what is on offer . Slower , but more effective , and easier to monitor .

    The second group that I call motorhomers , you do similar — make a database of RV suppliers , Associations , and possibly caravan parks and the like . Offer them an initial 50% discount , maybe 12 1 litre bottles you say retail at $9.95 or whatever , normally wholesale at $6 plus GST each ( $6.90 ) , the next 3 months are $3 plus GST . This may be below cost ( doesn’t overly matter — you are getting product out — better than making nothing on no sales ) but it gets your product , name and website out there .

    A website and a facebook page ( I am old-school ) is great — a bit like the Yellow Pages ads of old . You need to do more , get brand recognition , then people will contact you when they see an ad on-line ( plus done right , it helps your SEO rankings ) .

    I hope that advice isn’t out of line

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