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We have been running Facebook ads for our online business for about 5 months and have a fairly steady income of 12k NZD / month. We are spending about 2k NZD / month on ads. We don’t have expertise in Facebook ads / pixels but have learned a lot over the past months. These online sales have saved our business from insolvency but we will need to bring in more to start getting salaries again. We have two campaigns going in the UK (where our business and customers are based). One of the campaigns has just exited the ‘learning phase’ but the other is still in it. We just optimised our website with updated template and checkout process. Now we are working on getting updated product photos, new product bundles, and better brand/product stories. Our online sales still go up and down quite a bit and we want to better understand the Facebook/ Shopify interface in hopes of stabalising sales and pushing them over the 20k/month mark.  We look forward to a response!! boskke.com

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  • Hi Hannah,

    I am an old friend of Pug and Jake from London days. I am also the owner of http://www.likeablelab.com and http://www.leadsocial.co.nz and have a solid team of social media experts that could lend you guys a hand! If you or Jake/Pug wanted to give me a call then I am happy to lend a hand. Please email me first to set up a time – nick@likeablelab.com.

    Cheers, Nick

    Guys I can offer some different slants to building an audience in parallel to Nick’s advice above?

    You are doing the right thing by chasing an audience. But I think you don’t yet fully use all the features of your online store, your brand positioning and the social media sites you’ve set up.

    Let me give you some examples of things which you could be doing and at the bottom of this note I add some free and paid training resources to up-skill yourselves in ecommerce. Having a better shop, better positioning (what you do and for whom) and using all the features of Shopify and social media will help you convert those paid advert visitors which Nick will be bringing over to your store.

    You have a lot of Facebook likes and follows but you are not “feeding” your audience. Comments go un-answered, likes are not responded to, questions don’t get replies. Did you buy those followers? Because you’re neglecting them. [sorry if this sounds like tough medicine to swallow].

    It looks like you are automatically cross-posting Instagram into Facebook – and the media are different. The hashtags aren’t what Facebook does. And the Insta posts get comments and likes but you aren’t engaging back with the audience.

    You have tagged Morris and James and Anthony Morris studios in your posts – what have they done back for you? Have you asked them to post and tag your work? Are there other brands you are collaborating with?

    The website is beautifully Search optimised – BUT a first time visitor doesn’t know what Boskke does. You need a giant headline which says what you do, what you’re expert in, what you sell / do.

    You have a shop on Facebook – but it’s not first on the menu tab. It’s hard to find and it wouldn’t load for me.
    Why aren’t you selling on Instagram?

    Are you selling on Amazon? It’s huge in the UK.

    Both these sites need text overlaying the images that SELL or EXPLAIN your proposition.
    Even a tiny URL watermark on your images would help.

    Where are the customer testimonials?
    Those lovely videos on YouTube – why aren’t they also on your website? And social accounts?
    And have you done Facebook live videos?

    Guys there’s a ton you can do to build community BEFORE you start spending even more $$$ on acquiring customers.

    For example, how many customers buy more than once? Have you done any email marketing to past customers ahead of Christmas? What about offering bundles on your Shopify site?

    May I suggest you get savvy on ecommerce and customer retention as well as online advertising?
    Here is a website where you can do self-directed learning which will be cheaper than hiring an advisor.

    Do their free video course now (Bottom of the home page). And if you can afford it $97 a month for their education – they say it’s designed for people with online revenues of around $5,000 per month – I hope this is you.


    Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing!

    Neil has email learning courses which help you understand how to generate traffic to your site
    They are free – he also has great free online tools you can use.

    And if you haven’t yet applied to the Regional Business Partner programme – get some subsidised consultancy with an advisor who knows ecommerce inside out.

    Glenn Marvin at Konnector is a registered advisor and has a low fee starting programme which you can join right away.

    Best wishes
    022 647 3993

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