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We have just launched a STEM homeschooling product for parents with kids but how do we access international markets who also need it? https://nanogirlslab.com/

Question submitted 24/03/20 @ 06:44pm
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  • @todd_welling would be the guy to answer this his agency Overdose has a global footprint and great understanding of the nuance of digital GTM across the regions they operate in.

    Hey Michelle. Lets jump on a 30min Zoom to brainstorm this. Drop me an email on todd@overdose.digital and set it up.

    There is no shortage of online learning tools in NZ

    For example Learn Coach learncoach.com very comprehensive and now made free due to virus, but extraordinarily cheap at $2 per week any way

    http://www.amy.app Deals with maths and I believe is or will be hooked up with Learn Coach

    I believe Open Poly tech will be rolling out Amy through schools in NZ. It is a very cutting edge AI based platform that can allow very focused monitoring of student progress

    Probably what is needed is more government support for these tools so that kids can learn at their own pace, and we have capability for future disruptions.

    Hi Michelle,
    I am sure you have explored social boosting – you’re great on social. But have you explored Native advertising (yes paid), but the targeting is highly definable – country, postcode, demographic ie mums with kids under 9 and masses more. These essentially work like sponsored posts – they are often have strong click-throughs given they are placed into news feeds (which have strong numbers currently) and with a catchy headline and description have the ability to provide a little bit more detail prior to taking a reader into a call to action. You can test various options of creative/headline/targeting. But ensure targeting is strong. Test, optimise and refine. Ensure goals understood,as I am sure there will be an element of viral in areas. These are sold programmatically.
    Programmatic Display banners are also strong as again its targeting is also highly refined.
    Other than that it is hustling contacts/ forums / blogs/ influencers / press releases to media / reaching out to as many home schooling / school associations in English speaking lockdown areas who might refer you on.
    Partnerships, as Graham has mentioned is also an opportunity – but likely to take longer to put in place.
    Long-term its a good investment, and probably the new norm for your business.
    Happy to talk through more if you need.

    Michelle – apologies, only getting to this late, and plenty of great advice already provided – particularly on SEM so I won’t talk to that. I would get your team working your network and affiliates to help syndicate across community interest groups (e.g. home learning, etc) – a strong post in these circles of influence will go a long way. Doing what you can to boost your post once it is active will also help. Also, try getting an advertorial post in an international trade related online magazine, or a local newspaper in your target markets. The smaller/regional/local papers are always looking for content and much more likely to pick it up than a metro/national paper. I see metro.co.uk had a CV19 home schooling article – try offering a follow-up story to that. Good luck!

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