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We have pivoted our business to offer nannies. How do you close a sale best once you have someone enquire? 

Question submitted 09/05/20 @ 08:44am
Industry: Sales
  • Hi There. Thanks for your question – not an easy one to answer in a written response with the information you have provided. Could you say a little more about your existing business that you’ve now added this nanny service to and your normal sales process and the prospective customer that is inquiring so I can understand a little more to give a more educated response? Cheers

    You understand as much about them and their situation, you visualise where you think they are in the purchasing cycle e.g. are they going back to work next week? and then you just try and close them – ask for the order! Do it enough and you will learn from success and failure. Write all of your experiences down and look back at your engagements to learn, and then rinse and repeat. Imagine you are at a trade show with hundreds of people and engagements and you have to learn from each one – eventually you get super good at spotting someone who wants to buy now, and someone who is just not ready. Good luck.

    Hi There, There are many things that go into generating new clients but the biggest mistake is to focus on your solution rather than the customers needs. Customers will pick up on your own self interest very quickly which will erode your credibility. Ask great questions, listen to their answers to qualify or understand if you can help them. You want to understand if they are a fit for you as much as you are a fit for them and if there is a fit by all means offer a solution, but dont jump to that too soon. Write down the questions you should ask beforehand and remember questions are more powerful than statements. Closing will happen naturally if you have run a great process and a great process is one that has a focus on the customer.
    Good luck

    Some great advice above, make sure you know what your customer needs (ask) tell them how you can solve their problem and it always helps to provide social proof of how you’ve done it before by showcasing reviews from happy clients. It’s really important to remain credible by telling them if you don’t think you can solve their problem (you don’t have a nanny that’s the right fit) and recommend someone who can.

    Thank you for the advise!

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