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WE NEED HELP, PLEASE.We own and operate a small mobile food truck business.We are needing someone to look at our business and tell if we are doing the right things or not.We make everything fresh and wholesome. We attend as many of the local market and events as we can. Things have been going well so far this year, but we are very uncertain about next year and what it will bring. I did send a message a while ago and heard nothing back, which I was disappointed at. We have tried seeking help locally but they let us down. We both work very hard and have invested in the business fairly heavily. We need someone to talk to who understands what we do and can advise with an unbiased opinion. We look forward to hearing from you soon.Ian & Janet Sturt

Question submitted 01/12/20 @ 05:33am
Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Good morning Ian and Janet – thank you for coming to Manaaki and sharing. I can understand your concern about next year, at the same time, look at how you have got through this year, and I hope that gives you confidence for 2021.

    I took a look at your last question, and can see @peter_miles gave you some feedback around your site, how did you go with this feedback?

    A couple thoughts – it sounds like you want to sit and work through in a bit more depth that short answers online – is that right? If that is the case, would you like us to facilitate to a local resource up there or possibly source a resource from Auckland? The question then will be whether you want an unpaid resource or you are prepared to pay? In the unpaid way, there are a few options like Business Mentors and/or the local Economic Development Agency who may have co-funding to get a business mentor and/or have fully paid resource for a period of time.

    Regardless – I can see you are uncertain about next year. Keep that in mind. While you are doing that, I would use the time now pre-Xmas to do a reflection and current position on the business in 2020 – write a few things down like
    1 – what is our current financial position, how is the business performing from a revenue, margin and profit perspective?
    2 – what is this financial position vs what we planned for, hoped? What are the reasons for the variances?
    3 – what are our options on taking action as a result of 1 and 2, for 2021 – which we could and may need to change?
    4 – what are our learnings from the business in 2020, and what actions should we take for 2021?
    5 – what is the plan for 2021 – our objectives (outcomes), our planned inputs (what we need to do to do well), and the questions we need to find answers too.

    Happy to korero further if that is helpful, albeit I am not an expert in food truck or restaurant businesses.


    Hi guys. Happy to take a call to learn more about your business and the challenges/opportunities at hand. Whilst I have limited food truck experience I know the F&B/Restaurant industry well.
    Contact me on my email if you’d like to set up a chat. jade@planttechnation.com

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