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We own a Tour business in Hawkes Bay, Frankly Tours. For the last 3 years it was just a man in his van doing Winery and brewery tours, gaining a great reputation in the industry. Jan 1st 2020 we expanded, bought an existing business which was  mainly Art Deco focused, The Daily Deco tour and 2 more Van’s and 3 part time staff.As everything has come to a grinding halt we are sitting wondering how best to move forward with 3 idle Vans. We see domestic tourism will be a key focus for us but need help with our online presence and Marketing, without it costing a fortune… who can help with this? How do we stand out from the crowd, are there other experiences and tour ideas New Zealanders would like to do if they can only travel inside our NZ Bubble?

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 08:30am
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    Hi there. I’m happy to help. I’m actually running a free business continuity workshop for Regional Business Partners on April 22 and there are a couple of places still available.

    “New approaches in the digital era”

    This workshop will help you to:
    – cut through the noise and identify new opportunities
    – focus on what’s important: your customer, your value proposition, your team, your business model, and your finances.

    You can register here: https://forms.gle/FzUdarwZwdjB9WpNA

    Matt Miller
    Mogul Limited


    Hi Frank,
    There are a few places around NZ who already relied heavily in the domestic market, Bay of Plenty, Taupo, and Hawkes Bay to name a few so you are already in a good place from that perspective. I presume you know your local RTO well and have reached out to Hamish Saxton and newly appointed Heather Mathews at Hawkes Bay Tourism to see what their plans are for a domestic tourism promotion?
    Whilst I am not an expert on social media marketing I would also suggest that a targeted social media campaign on Facebook etc into Wellington, Tauranga, Taupo, and Auckland would be a cost effective to get in front of a domestic audience with some great value deals, possible packaged with other partners. Think weekend escapes etc..
    You might want to also join this tourism industry Facebook group if you haven’t already https://www.facebook.com/groups/647725352678015/?ref=bookmarks
    This article may also be of interest, tour operators using their vehicles to distribute food and medical supplies in local regions. https://www.tourismticker.com/2020/04/16/ito-headfirst-travel-pivots-to-delivery-services/

    Best of luck, Jason

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