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We recently launched squeezetheday.co.nz – a fun online financial literacy platform/course for kids aged 10-13 years old. Launching in a pandemic wasn’t the plan but if you’d like to know more about how you could offer this course to staff/customers etc with tweens, perhaps it could make for a great educational layer to your existing financial product or you’ve got marketing & sales ideas that will help raise brand awareness on a very tight budget then please get in touch. Or just go check us out – we’d be so appreciative of the visit! We offer a free trial as well – the first 5 lessons of 27 are free. This is such a great platform so a massive thank you for the shared ideas, advice, inspiration and sense of opportunity we should all hold onto!! 

Question submitted 27/04/20 @ 12:32pm
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    Well done!

    Financial literacy is such an important but under-taught skill!

    My background is social media so here are a few ways to use those platforms to grow your awareness on those platforms.

    The Facebook ads you have running will help build awareness quickly.
    Ideally you will have set up the campaigns with a few separate target audiences so you can learn where you should be focusing your money as the campaigns progress?
    Double check the age on your Facebook ad retargeting – i visited your website and then saw an ad saying “Hey Grandparents!” (I’m 39..).
    Also with your ads – making them more read-able may help people digest them quickly. By that I just mean using line breaks or bullets points etc so they’re easier to skim read. Full chunky paragraphs are often off-putting to our eye as we’re scanning our mobile. Also it’s very important to make the first line really impactful.

    Some free ways to help with your limited budget is all about being discovered through search or collaboration.

    1. Reach out to ‘influential’ parents who have tween kids and offer them the course and see if they’ll post about it on their channels.
    2. Use hashtags like #homeschoolnz, #nzhomeschooling, #nzmoney, #sortednz #debtfreecommunity #nzschools #nzteachers #NZMum etc etc
    3. Be Social – find other people or organisations who are posting about financial or parenting topics and go around liking or commenting on their posts.
    3. Collaborate with some other businesses who have financial literacy as a goal – eg/ Sharesies etc and see if they’ll do a shout out or run a competition on your behalf- Follow “Start the squeeze” and wine a subscription.
    4. Work your LinkedIn Network – make sure you’re telling the story of the why, the launch and the progress of the organisation.

    Good Luck!


    I’d be interested in having a chat with my Debtfix hat on – shaun@debtfix.co.nz


    Signed up for the free trial for two boys…look forward to sharing some feedback 🙂


    Hi Vicky – thanks for giving it a go, how far have you got? Would love to hear your feedback. Regards, Rebecca

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