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We want to build a production house/studio so we can develop up and coming artists and youth, set a music school up to help disadvantaged youth. Our name is already out there, and we can use as a vehicle, we just need a premises to do it and financial backing. We want to get a business plan, and put our vision into reality. We can acsess funding from nz on air, te mangai paho, creative nz etc. love to make it happen

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    Kia ora,

    Happy to help with your current questions and any other business and accounting questions you have. Would be best to meet in person or by zoom for a 30 min chat to go over (at not charge) all your business and accounting needs and WE can put together some solutions for you to make some more informed decisions.

    WE are a Maori and Pacific Chartered accounting firm and would love to see if WE can help you.

    I’ve also attached a link to our website with some information below on the services WE can offer you and your business.

    WE Accounting

    If you would like to take up the offer, please email our team on info@weaccounting.co.nz and WE can schedule a meeting.

    Nga mihi


    Hey House of Shem

    That sounds like a sweet move. I love the kaupapa of nurturing the youth through music.

    Check out this website:

    It has lots of tools you can use to develop your plan and your pitch to investors.

    Some of the resources on this page are geared for tech/app startups, so skip over those but the links at the beginning on market validation and business modelling will be great to crack. Then the pitching tools at the bottom of the page are super helpful too.

    Best of luck!


    Some great ideas and offer of help there… I’d also check out the sources of where you’d seek funding to see what information they require and their application forms (and design your ‘pitch’ around that) e.g. NZ On Air, Creative NZ… Govt agencies often ask very different questions to typical investors, so good to read up on exactly what you need to demonstrate.
    Often the hardest part is just getting started with these documents and it’s good to just start writing down in powerpoint what it is you are wanting to do, why you are doing it, how you are going to do it, what does it look like (examples from elsewhere, content output etc), what you need to do it ($, resources, people, equipment, premise), and what the outcome looks like (financially, socially, etc).
    I’d also reach out to some of the community trusts in your region i.e Foundation North in Auckland North, Trust Waikato, as well as council to see if they can assist… Corporate sponsorship is another option.


    Thank you 🙏🏽


    What an awesome idea.

    In terms of seeking funding/support. Just another piece of advice also is to “not put all of your eggs in one basket” – so try not to rely on a single funding source because if all of a sudden that dries up or reduces, your plans could be dramatically affected. So think of ALL the places you could get funding and get close to them to understand their own future strategy and identify your risk. This should be reviewed regularly – connected to the regularity of their funding cycles – as soon as you get funding, analyse the potential/risk for the next cycle.

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