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We are a small organisation focused on running community events supporting women in tech, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have not been able to run our in-person events. At the same time, we are looking for help with building our website. We would love to get some recommendations on how we can make a successful transition to digital events so that we can continue supporting our communities, and also who we can reach out to regarding help with the website build. Thank you so much for your help!

Question submitted 23/04/20 @ 05:26pm
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    Kia ora,

    Well done on being focused on helping women in tech!! So needed and so important!

    My recommendation is to use known, trusted tech products to transition your community online. At this time people just want to connect, so maybe don’t try to do everything in one go. What about hosting a virtual connection hour where people can just talk and connect with a different group of people in the same situation as them?

    Question whether building a website is the right thing to do at this time. Could you use a known tech product that people are already using (FB, LinkedIn, Slack) to connect with you rather than a new website.

    I hoped this helped!

    Ngā mihi nui,

    Lou Aitken
    CEO Ākina Foundation

    Conducting workshops online can often be very different than doing it in person, so I am happy to share some tips that we use at Ākina. Let me know and I can share a document with you.


    Hi there, further to Lou’s great suggestions above, you can look at a previous question on this platform that has an answer from an Industry Expert, Claire O’Connell, that may be of value to you –

    Kia ora. How can I move a successful Marae based Kura Reo to online? 

    I thought I’d share my experience of doing this in a really simple and cost effective way.
    Registration happens on a website and then registrants are sent an invite to a closed Facebook group.
    In the group you can live stream video lessons (or just upload video’s), you can create polls and events, upload study documents and additional materials and teachers can answer student questions.
    Students can korero with each other and rewatch any of the video lessons.
    The groups content is searchable and you can tag different content topics.
    I’ve found it to be simple and effective.


    Agree that simple platforms are easiest and cost-effective. Meetup is a good place to bring together tech communities. There’s a small annual fee and they’ve released info about running online events – https://help.meetup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040609112

    Have you connected with Tech Women NZ which is part of the wider NZ Tech Alliance? – https://techwomen.nz/

    If you’re looking for volunteers to help or advise, try one of these volunteer websites – https://www.volunteeringnz.org.nz/finding-volunteer-roles/volunteer-opportunity-sites/

    Ka kite

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