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What are the key components I need to have prepared to be ‘investment ready’ for a startup social enterprise? I have established a new charitable trust with an initial BOT as the heart of a new social enterprise organisation we want to build. We have worked through ‘lean canvas’ and ‘theory of change’ and developed a draft ‘impact prospectus’ document. We have also been exploring some commercial enterprise opportunities, for startup (not existing) and now going through due diligence type work on one that best supports our kaupapa and ticks most of the other boxes we are looking for around social, economic and environmental impact capabilities.We have also been developing some detailed financial modelling of the commercial opportunity based on a cooperative enterprise model (i.e., FairShares), and are currently re-calibrating our market research analysis on a post-pandemic economy.We would also like to gain some insight into the current view of the investment sector, their perspective on the post-pandemic economy and their levels of confidence – particularly the impact investor sector.

Question submitted 15/05/20 @ 04:01pm
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
  • Nice to hear you are on the impact investment journey!

    Details are here: https://www.akina.org.nz/our-services/#invest-offering

    Also, we have just launched (soft-launched yesterday!) a new platform to help impact enterprises. You are the first person I am sharing it with!! https://www.theimpactinitiative.org.nz/social-shifters

    There are some great tools on there to help you develop a plan and identify the right type of impact investment for your circumstance and what work you will need to do to get ready. https://socialshifters.co/planning-tools/intro-to-investment/?ssgroup=Akina

    Also happy to connect you with our Impact Investment team and see what else we can do to support. Email through to info@akina.org.nz.

    Understanding the funding landscape can be super hard and also when you start out not having any evidence of impact to do your funding applications against. I also think in these times getting funding from people you don’t know already, is also going to be super hard. So what can you without funding – what evidence can you build that shows the issue you are focusing on and even try and start solving for it?

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