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What I need help with: Rapid expansion! Moving the Mumlife side hustle to more part-time Business.  any tips would be awesome!  ie: time management – Do I allocate set times for: social media responses. Marketing. Client work. Invoicing. Admin..So far I’ve been working around kids. So mostly naptimes, evenings and weekends when my husband is available to be with kids and free me up completely. I’m moving into being able to have 4 hours during daytime to commit to business while kids are at school/daycare. So far I’ve been able to respond to social media almost instantly – kid permitting. And emailing, Invoicing, Client work is shoved to evening / weekends. 

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    I checked you out on LinkedIn and I think you have a wonderful offering, that is perfect for RIGHT NOW. You have a great opportunity to connect with people with a service that I think will relate well to people’s shifting sense of purpose about shopping and consumerism. So well done on setting up such a great offering!

    To your point about focus and growing your business. The great thing about being a solo business operator is that you can be fully flexible about when and how you work. The challenging thing is that it takes quite a bit of discipline.

    I find you have to have ‘set times’ when you are working, and try to then have times to ‘switch off’ – otherwise you can find you are always working!

    In thinking about how to organise your day / time, think about your customer. When are they most likely to be contacting you ? When are they most likely to be wanting to engage with you and your marketing – and try to play into that. So for example, if your target is women, and you want to get your marketing to them when they are n consideration mode (for shopping/styling) when is that? Evenings ? Weekends? If say its weekends you want to have your social media marketing targeted with new messages going live on Friday afternoon – through Saturday. So makes sense to dedicate Thursday to your marketing, for example.

    It may be that your customers also want to communicate / meet you to discuss your service in the evenings or weekends. So your ‘working week’ might be different to people in other businesses.

    I would say given you have a busy family life, calendaring time for our business will be important – as will communicating with your partner / children, so they know you are working and can give you the headspace and time to focus.

    Best wishes!


    Awesome. Growth can be ‘hard’ and painful – I call it ‘the tornado’ – and hopefully that flow takes you up and out into a new scale of success, not the vortex! These struggles you are having a good sign that you are in demand, so be glad you have that, and just see if you can prioritise across what must be done and what you can just shelve for a period of time until things quiet down and/or you get some resource help.

    I don’t like writing lists – but i have learnt when it gets some crazy busy, I have to write lists otherwise I drop balls – so I just write stuff down, and that makes me feel better.

    I also don’t mind asking for help from friends, just occassionally when it gets super busy and/or stressful.

    good luck – you are doing great!


    There is a great book called “Leading the Life you Want” by Stewart Friedman which is a fantastic book with a really practical framework of how to balance and integrate the demands of life and work.

    There is also the Personal Efficiency Program, which is both a book and a course that I recommend to help you get organized/efficient with your time.

    Personal Efficiency Program

    I hope this helps~


    Awesome advice, everyone! Thank you.

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