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What is the best way to get more traffic to your website without spending a crazy amount of money on Google and Facebook ads?

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    Hi there! Without spending ads, the best way to get organic traffic to your website would be in three ways:

    -Targeting places where your customers hang out online (Facebook groups, website forums, etc.)
    -Content Marketing – putting out blog posts, thought leadership to build up your brand’s reputation
    -Influencers/Partners – finding people relevant to your topic and working with them to reach your potential customers.

    A LOT of this depends on your specific product/service and your specific target audience.

    Happy to chat through in more detail in case I can help. My e-mail is anthony@onefan.tv. Thanks!


    In addition to what Anthony has mentioned above, here are a couple more:
    1. Have a strong focused brand that you can craft compelling message with and create virality with your social presence. Eg on Instagram, Tik Tok etc I.e. Become an influencer yourself
    2. PR- reach out to editors and media if your message is strong/ of interest – the common saying. Media is not interested in Dog bites Man story, rather, Man bites dog story. Do you you have one of those?
    Hope it helps


    Hi There

    This is great advice above.

    Blogging is so valuable for getting good traffic without spending lots of money.

    We started our blogging activity in 2013 and we still get good traffic today from those early blog posts. The best ranking articles are those with high quality content that genuinely helps people. A good place to start is to think about the top 10 questions your customers regularly ask and write the answers in 10 separate blog posts.

    Getting good traffic through producing quality content takes time and effort to get results but you don’t have to keep feeding the meter in the same way.

    Check out our SEO blogs here:

    Kind regards


    Kind regards



    And to add in more – focus on a niche. A tiny part of the world who are deeply interested in your ONE thing. Yes, ONE…

    Then find where people who are interested in that hang out.
    e.g. Tesla fans
    Maori All black fans
    People who knit
    People with 3 year old girl children

    And so when you can find groups, websites, forums where these people gather. Then you can use your content creation, SEO and social media profiles to engage with those audiences….. After that, some of them will visit your website and maybe join your mailing list or buy.

    So where to start?
    First do the research into
    1 – who is your audience?
    2 – where do they hang out?

    Then write the answers back here… and the @Manaaki team will tell you the next thing to do. (Or I will!)

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