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What is the best way to market to corporate groups? How do you reach them? Is it by emails and calling? This is for a lodge and also a tourist activity (team building) venture.Thanks!

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Industry: Tourism
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    Hi there – here are a few ways I have found that can work:
    – targeting, I like to get some lists of 10 or 20 corporates that I want to approach to start with, to test engagement, what type of role to target and the like – I use corporate websites, social and a lot of Linked In
    – then I start targeting them – the least obtrusive is email if I have an email address for them, then phone is the least – getting the ‘right person’/’right role’ who has ownership is important ie who can make the decision that you are seeking
    – I try and find some friendlies in these organisations who might help me ‘work out how to target them’ and/or why the people are like – that can give me some insights about the people I am targeting
    – then it is really just doing the digits, doing the numbers of targeting – of course, in person can help, but in this time, zoom, email or phone are probably more likely
    – testing and learning as you go can help

    Final thing, you might find that some intermediaries might be helpful to get you into these organisations, ie they might be selling them something already. Again, you can find that out if you find some friendly people, Good luck.


    Hi, Further to Any’s suggestions there are are often third party conference organisers (PCO) who manage corporate get-a-ways from beginning to end for clients big and small (usually larger though). Here is a list of three of them on ATEEDs website https://www.aucklandnz.com/meet/plan-your-event/conference/professional-conference-organisers

    There are also a large number of leadership and away-day specialists who also organise this on behalf of their clients and arrange the venue and everything. I suggest googling for leadership course team away days etc and see what companies come up and target them as well. Much easier to get connected with these guys who may then be able to send you regular business without you having to do all the marketing and sales. They will of course take a commission on bookings.
    In terms of getting to the right people, in my experience it is often the EA or PA to the CEO or senior management who get asked to arrange away days and source suppliers in medium size organisations or of course the HR/talent development/Culture managers in larger organisations.

    Suggest also using your existing networks of clients and friends to target to get some runs on the board and use as examples and references in your marketing.

    Hope this helps and best of luck. Jason


    And finally, you can do some targeting marketing using Facebook or LinkedIn… advertising to those located within a radius of the building or corporate you are targeting or with a particular title etc…

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