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What more can we do to survive as a Retail tourist business in Queenstown

Question submitted 13/05/20 @ 05:17pm
Industry: Retailing
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    Hi The Outpost.

    I’ve just had a look at your website and you have a really good set-up and some lovely storytelling. However, when I go through to your Facebook page it’s not amplifying your story as well as your Instagram. The reason I looked there is I think you have a great opportunity with your range, values and philosophy to do digital marketing around your brand and products both internationally and nationally.

    The curated offer and story’s related to the products you sell are more relevant than ever in a society that has perhaps rethought the products we purchase and why.

    – Broaden your marketplace to explore digital marketing; especially around gifting and clean, green, “safe” NZ. This will be appealing in the international market. (But you have to have your international courier charges sorted)
    – Amplify the product storytelling so that shoppers are clear on what and how they are buying with purpose
    – Make sure all your products on the website have images – people buy with their eyes
    – Have you explored speaking with your database of customers to encourage repeat visitation
    – Explore likeminded business partnership where you could jointly market to customer databases of similar “values (obviously you need to do this correctly)
    – Could you sub-lease part of your store (sorry I don’t know the size) to share with another business that brings a like-minded customers (eg. the likes of a GoodFor or Huckleberry) – a different product with a higher frequency of visitation

    It’s going to be tough, I feel for you but it’s time to thing global differently. You go to the globe vs the globe coming to you. You have a delightful offer, people just need to know you exist which requires you to reach them digitally.

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