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Where am I missing the mark? Why am I not selling?Hey Team, Sheshe here. I jumped on the Mask Making band wagon a few weeks back and was one of the first mask stores over on Chooice. I saw a decent influx of sales early on and had hoped it would continue.  I’ve innovated and developed the masks I sell and believe I’m offering a really great product ticking all the boxes.  I had a Live interview with Sarah Colcord and Monty Betham last night on Chooice FB page and literally had one sale ..from the Chooice fam.  Super perplexed about why I’m not selling with the extra promo boost. I’ve lowered my prices today as I thought that may be the problem. My competition delivers their product at a lower price but I believe I have a more technically sound and more comfortable product and I’m just unsure where to go from here. I’m offering a range of products and price points to capture different customers’ attention. I simplified my offerings also, as I thought the many options I offer were maybe a bit overwhelming for clients to choose from.  I’d love some advice here. Not wanting to spend more time and cash on it if it’s not going to fly, especially as it’s a side hustle to my core biz. chooice.co.nz/store/sheshe-styled-this/

Question submitted 30/08/20 @ 05:42am
Industry: Sales
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