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Where do I start looking for Start Funding for Maori Business?

Question submitted 08/10/20 @ 09:34pm
Industry: Services
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    I’m sure there are people more qualified than me to answer this specific question in relation to Maori business funding but there does seem to be a few options online (Google)…have you tried them?

    Funding is competitive and but at its core it comes down to roughly the same qualifying questions and motivations for investors who will be seeking to achieve 5 – 10x their investment so you must be prepared to (realistically) show them how you will deliver that.

    There is plenty of books, websites and podcasts on capital raising…if you are not experienced in this area then listen to/read those stories…they are filled with success stories but more importantly mistakes that other people have made with their time and money…you can avoid making them for the cost of a book or 30 mins listening to a free podcast.

    I would research the potential govt funded introducers (good to test your approach with) or investors and reach out to them with a message that is crafted around their needs.

    I.e. I have developed/am developing a unique new solution/product in xxxxx sector, that solves xxxx problems for customers, in a $xxxM addressable market and I am raising $xxxk to do xxxxxxxx that will deliver xx ROI…can we please meet or set up a call to discuss.

    One other pointer, but don’t let this hold you back, investors like introductions from trusted parties in their network so if you have a contact that can make an intro then ask for it…if not, then so it yourself and persist.

    All the best with your venture!


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