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Who knows anything about shooting cooking videos with tik tok. I just started last night but I want to connect with food and beverage guys to sponsor me sample products to make stuff with or primary industries to tautoko my vision of short inspirational cooking shows to post up on linked or where ever to create something to for the chinese market to share through the social media of libertypost in china If they see me endorse a product in my home kitchen then we could could change advertising for ever.think foodnetwork? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_Network

Question submitted 12/04/20 @ 10:34am
Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Hi Pere, now I’m not an tik toc cooking show expert but I understand the platform and I’m not entirely sure cooking videos and tik toc are a fit?

    I think what you need to focus on first is creating some great content. I had a quick search and I see you have a YouTube channel – I would be focused on getting some great content up there or on Facebook, or Instagram – I think those three channels are a fit.

    Create great content first – for the audience you want to target. Build that audience and then you should be able to get the F&B brands to work with you, provide product, sponsor the show etc. But first you need to show them the product that they are going to buy. And that is you, your skills and personality.


    Hey Pere
    While it may be hard to fully show how to create meals in a max 60sec TikTok video it could be a great leader for your YouTube or Instagram channel.

    It is a very common strategy for TikTok influencers to use the platform to grow their instagram or YT audience.

    If targeting the Chinese market then Instagram is not an option as it is blocked but the fundamentals on influencer marketing remain the same if you just focus on TikTok

    You need to earn the right to ask for product placement/sponsorship by creating great content first.

    With a small following and only a few videos I would not suggest approaching businesses yet for sponsored placement. While you may be awesome – as far as TikTok audience goes you ar a nobody today.

    Invest in yourself, back your ability and create those videos with the goal of building your audience.

    Earn the right to get sponsors on board and product placement.

    There is no easy option

    Good content, well produced, creates engagement and a following.

    Sponsorship follows

    Wish I could give you a magic bullet answer but there is no easy way to build an influencer strategy.

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