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Who or what is behind Manaaki? I like the idea and content of what I see but I would like to know a bit more about it. I usually find that there are no free lunches and so I need to understand a bit more about it. Is it a government site? Is it a business site? Who owns it? How is it funded? Thanks, Duncan 

Question submitted 20/04/20 @ 05:40pm
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    Kia Ora Duncan – Manaaki was founded by Indigo – which is an innovation agency – https://weareindigo.co/ The partners in Indio include Pat & Jada Macfie, Monty Betham, Ardie Savea, Dillon Boucher, Roger Tuivasa-Scheck and myself plus an awesome group of all up 14 humans. We founded Manaaki because we are a small business ourselves, and in Covid-19 we really thought ‘what could we do to help’ – as our own revenue disappeared and we also struggled – we thought ‘what assets to do we have’ ‘what mahi do we need’ – and how could we do something that would make a difference. So that was the thought on a Monday, and by the Thursday night we started coding and then launched on the following Monday/Tuesday – this was just under a month ago at the end of March.

    It is owned by Indigo – and we have funded it ourselves to-date, we don’t charge for any of the answers, and we are a collaboration with over 140 advisors who all volunteer their time, all of the people you see on the Love Letter gave their time, many of the ‘team’ behind Manaaki are volunteer – it has been such an epic time to gather people around this idea of Manaaki to love, to care for and to look out for. I should also say we have been lucky with some partners that the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) brought to the table to donate their inventory & some press for the launch – including TVNZ, Facebook, Mediaworks, NZME, Stuff, Met Service, Mi9, Verizon-Media and Google. We hope to add others over time.

    This got us ‘here’ – but it will also not get us to the next point of Manaaki. We need to find a way to keep the lights on, and we need to also make sure we meet the expectations of the stakeholders of Manaaki – the business owners, the volunteers, the experts – so that is something we are thinking hard right now about.

    Please do ask any other questions – cheers. Andy

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