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Who would fund my suicide awareness Charitable Trust please?

Question submitted 29/03/20 @ 08:28am
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    Hi Patua,

    you have three key groups who could be provide funding for your charitable trust:

    1/ The Govt should always be your first priority in regards to funding a charitable trust, and in particular the Health Ministry in your case has a material budget set aside for mental health. I would talk to any contacts you have in Govt or you local MP.

    2/ The bank’s are providing $500k bank loans for all businesses affected by Covid19, you will need to have a business plan and supporting financial documents (financial forecasts) to show that your trust has the ability to repay the $500k in 3yrs time.

    3/ The third group would be high net wealth families/individuals who believe in the trust and would like to donate money to your cause. To reach out to this group you would need to have a document that explains exactly what your trying to do; effectively a business plan. Their are organisations who can distribute your business plan and help you raise equity but that comes at a cost of 6% of equity raised.

    Long story short, when you are looking for funding you need a business plan or a similar document that explains to all the potential funding parties what you are trying to achieve.

    I hope this helps.

    Chris Small


    Kia ora Patua,
    With any funding requests, you need to be clear what the funding is for (paying staff, a new project, building a website etc). For some funding needs you could go to government or philanthropic organisations.

    If you have a crowd around what you do already (either personally or through people your charity has supported), you could also choose to go out to them too. Either direct asking for donations to the charity, through GiveaLittle with a page if the need is urgent, or through a project based crowdfunding platform if there’s a project you are trying to fund (that last bit is my area of expertise with PledgeMe).

    Ngā mihi,


    Check out the following link; https://www.charities.govt.nz/im-a-registered-charity/running-your-charity/how-to-fund-your-charity/

    In addition to what’s been said above charities can also be funded via 2 broad strategies, these are as follows;

    1) Grants strategy – normally provided by another charitable organisation or high net worth/high net worth family – there is a grant database or grant register that shows all the grants that are available – see the link above. You’ll need to go through this register and see if you can find grants that fit your cause.

    2) Grateful patient strategy – this is where you appeal to families or organisations that your cause is close to their heart. Normally this is families that have suffered as a direct result and are more inclined to donate to your cause. This is a longer-term strategy of fundraising, however, once you have built this database it is very powerful.

    Hope this helps.
    Joe Duncan


    Possibly also worth doing your due diligence
    as there are lots of great charities ( Mike King, Man Alive, Mates ) already working in this space
    It may pay to approach and talk with them to as a collaboration
    so that you don’t simply duplicate what is already there and working effectively

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