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Wiki can easily improve your conversion rate

When you think about the performance of online business and the reasons that contribute to the success of an online business, you need to realize that one of the most significant things or variables for the success of an online business is achieving and sustaining a strong conversion rate. When you how to create a Wikipedia article and create one about your online company or brand, you use this page or article as a resource to improve the sales rate of your website. Wikis have a very strong degree of credibility in the minds of consumers, so companies exploit that for their own benefit. Which are the other advantages of utilizing wikis for products and businesses?

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    Interesting idea Alison.

    I certainly think wiki pages can be written in a way that supports business or bran credibility and gives a perceived third party data point. Couple of watch outs – Wikipedia is open source so once created you don’t have control of the information that is presented. So need to ensure you are accurate and delivering a great product or service so that the wiki page supports and doesn’t undermine your goals.

    Is there a business or brand that is managing this well in your mind? Vicky


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    If you do create Wikipedia entries be aware that there are rules about businesses on the platform.
    A lot of PR agencies got publicly burned while trying to promote their clients there.
    Which led to Wikipedia publishing this

    And check out the PR institute rules in the UK

    Basically, don’t expect this to be an amazing source of new business.

    However, I have an other option to offer you which may work better.


    Answering questions around your topic of expertise and interest and inspiration is definitely somewhere you can shine. It’s not open source, so nobody can edit your submissions and you can get upvoted and become and “expert” quite quickly.

    The key is to start in an established niche where you are confident.
    Here are some easy tips on writing replies with a marketing slant.

    Using Wikipedia and Quora for Marketing

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