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Working to keep our retail team engaged while they’re at home during lockdown.  Has anyone found/used any existing online retail sales training, preferably NZ based?

Question submitted 13/04/20 @ 07:35pm
Industry: Retailing
  • Good Morning
    Given that I am not sure what sort of retail you are in, it is harder to answer your question
    A quick google search of free online courses will help you
    This is one that I found.
    It may be worth getting your team to activate in the social media ( digital ) space so
    your business remains relevant with your customers ( we have a VIP FB page that all the store managers
    interact on daily ) but unless you are cleared to sell as an essential service
    content will simply be about engagement.
    There are also lot of digital courses on line, that are free, that your team
    can look to do, this may assist you moving forward, as we will all need to be a lot more relevant on digital
    platforms for a while to drive income.

    Good morning,
    There are some incredible online training on Service-IQ which is an NZQA training provider for those in retail. If you have a look around the site there are everything from short online courses to those that build to accreditation.

    Check them out:

    The other business to contact is RedSeed https://www.redseed.com/ they curate (and incredibly cost-effectively), courses on all retail skills and are used by many businesses in retail throughout NZ. Ass they have developed the content you can talk about what may work for you – and then you have training to continue with your team for the future to onboard new team members.

    Make sure you also check out MBIE to see if you are eligible for a training subsidy. While there are many free courses, the ones above can be as little as $25 per person, so it is worth taking the time to look at options. You can register and find out more information here https://www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz/

    Good luck.

    Hi there. In addition to the great suggestions from Annah and Juanita, we’ve asked around and names of outfits / people who may be able to offer help, that came up, are Bizadviser (Kelly Smith) who may be mainly FMCG and/or David Foreman. From your question it is not clear what you are doing (in the retail / online space) but if you don’t have any luck with any of Annah and Juanita’s suggestions, you could approach Kelly and/or David (and perhaps share your findings here). All the best!

    All great ideas above. Also think about including finding some fun stuff online to keep spirits up and some camaraderie!

    Great suggestions thank you!

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