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Ww’ve just started a new business. We supply general purpose cleaning rags. We have a very competitive price. But  are finding it hard to close on sales, we find that people are loyal to their existing suppliers. What ideas or things can we implement to grow our Customer base? 

Question submitted 24/07/20 @ 06:13pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Good morning. Good questions.

    This is not a space I know a lot about so I am going to go with general principles. It’s worth going through and asking some questions around your business proposition…
    – when you started this business had you identified a strategic advantage or space for your offer versus competitors
    – what can you give customers that others can’t?
    – price is important, but there are equally other factors that procurement managers look for – quality, payment terms, track record of excellent supply, ability to purchase multiple items from one supplier, etc

    If you are finding it hard to answer those questions, then try and connect with a buyer who will give some honest and open feedback about what you would have to offer to win their business – that will then give you some work ons that may open doors for you in the future.

    Good luck!

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