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    Love what you’re doing and the idea of a visiting barber. I would suggest keeping busy and active on social media and more so looking into a planning of attack for when we get given the all clear. Make sure your ready for when we’re able to get back up and running.

    Also who’s your target market ? Anyone and everyone ? Males ? Females ? Kids ?

    Why don’t contact some of the offices and businesses in the city offering your services. You could set up in the main lobby / reception area and staff members can book in a time slot which worked for them. Once this lockdown ends everyone will be rushing back to work with no time to get a fresh haircut and I’m guessing barbers / hair salons will start to get busy very quickly.

    Also have you tried using a booking app ?

    Booksy is a great app which connects to instagram / facebook.


    Hi Cathy.

    Unfortunately with this lock down in place it’s going to be very challenging. You’re not the only one out there facing this issue so I’d suggest you still keep marketing yourself through the channels mentioned and inform your potential clients that once we go back to normal you will be able to send out any purchased item. The key here is communication and understanding. Keep communicating with your clients / network and they will understand.

    I’d be happy to take a call if that would help to.