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  • Hi Donna, great that your setting up some incentives. You may want to consider a product sale incentive , up-sell incentive, and/or a team collaboration type award. An employee of the month is a great acknowledgement. I’d recommend including the staff in the process and measurement setting to creat a sense of ownership.
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    I’m not qualified for this one. It found this which might help you get to the bottom of it. Give the 0800 number a call?

    What if I have a complaint about how my employer has paid me?
    If you have a complaint because you think your employer is breaching any of their minimum employment obligations to you, you can contact Employment NZ by calling on 0800 20 90 20 or by email at info@employment.govt.nz.

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    Hi there, can you collaborate with a non competitive consultant or business to push out broader advice relevant to your customer base. There is strength in networks . I also wanted to mention references. If you don’t have them , you could for a blog if these . Good luck.