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  • In addition to what Anthony has mentioned above, here are a couple more:
    1. Have a strong focused brand that you can craft compelling message with and create virality with your social presence. Eg on Instagram, Tik Tok etc I.e. Become an influencer yourself
    2. PR- reach out to editors and media if your message is strong/ of interest – the common saying. Media is not interested in Dog bites Man story, rather, Man bites dog story. Do you you have one of those?
    Hope it helps

    In addition to what Richard has already recommended, I suggest that you register yourself with a Regional Business Partner of your area. Part of their service is to help direct you as they have the knowledge of which organisations are available to help businesses, what funds are available and also a list of service providers ranging from business mentors to marketing assistance and everything in between! For example, both Richard’s and my company are providers into this network. This service is at no charge to you, so no harm at all having a chat with them. Hope this helps!


    Hi there,
    What is it that you’ll like to learn more regarding automation and integrations?
    Basically nowadays you can just about do anything to automate admistrative work or for email based communication with your customers.
    It depends on firstly which platform your website is build on and what plugins and software are available for your website platform.
    A key thing to note is how your lists are segmented and organised and what data is extracted for automation.
    There are some cost effective platforms with existing apis build for WordPress or Shopify websites if that is one of those you’re using.
    If you can provide more info about what you’re wanting to know, we can assist further as we do work with automation on a regular basis.
    Anne Casey, from Marketing Minds

    Hi there
    Great that you are reviewing your results! As Rebecca mentioned above, it is really difficult to know exactly what has happened without seeing your account.
    At a guess, besides what Rebecca has mentioned, is it possible that he likes were figures for Facebook rather than Instagram? If you open the post in Instagram, you can click on View Insights at the bottom left of the picture and see how many likes you got from Instagram there. Check this figure as that will be the likes for the Insta post itself.
    Hope that this helps

    Thanks @andyadmn and Sheshe for your question.
    In your instance, there was definitely a demand and you did very well to be one of the first to promote your masks. This gave you the ‘early mover’ advantage.
    However since then there had been a lot of people providing the same thing. Even in my local Facebook group, there is almost someone posting there everyday when Lockdown 2.0 started.
    It is a case of possibly supply is meeting or starting to outstrip demand.
    As such, your next moves are probably:
    1. Develop the ‘next thing’ ideally related to masks or similar since you have a customer base that was interested in mask, this can be the next ‘add on’. This is what we call ‘product extension’
    2. Approach your existing customers and see if they need more. You can incentivise with multibuy (eg buy 3 and get Xx) or free shipping, refer a friend etc
    3. Approach a different ‘type’ of customers. This will need more exploration and understanding of what this might be.

    Is this a part time business or are you looking to turn this into full time?
    Hope this helps.


    Hi John
    Don’t give up. The fact that you are not getting the interest or even ‘look-in’ to your product this may be because of one of these reasons:
    1. There is not a large demand or need for it.
    2. Your message is not hitting the right pain points
    3. Your sales approach is not right
    4. The target audience you are after is not an ideal match (even within marketing, there are so many different types and levels)
    I suggest that you start with evaluating these 4 points as it is highly likely one of them.
    Once you know where the issue is, then you can hone in.

    All the best

    Hi Anonymous,
    If you’re getting traffic and not conversion, often it means that your message and conversion path is not right or optimised.
    Here are 3 quick tips:
    1. Review your conversion path
    How many pages and how long are they staying on the site? Your aim is to increase this and lead them to where they complete the purchase. Look into your Google Analytics to get some learnings and insights
    Are they getting lost on the site? Is the information clear or is it confusing?
    Ask some of your friends to navigate through your site and get their feedback as to what their impression is and what they think is easy, difficult and what can be improved on.
    Have a read of this:

    2. Is your message resonating and your call to action to convert optimised?
    Often, the message is not clear, confusing or not standing out. Review your key messages and Unique Selling Proposition and make sure they are strong against your competitors and are compelling to the customers.
    Checkout your competitor sites and see how you compare to them.

    3. Maximise your touch points with them.
    There are ways such as retargeting via Google ads that you can do to ‘follow’ a visitor after they leave. Or if it is abandon cart, then you can set up an automation to send them an email with an offer or the like to incentivise them to return and purchase.

    Hope that this helps.

    Hi @kelz , Just base on the name itself, Crate Wonder, personally, I do think it can stretch to include various types of discovery materials. The word crate can be interpreted as a vessel and not literally wooden crates.
    HOWEVER, it also depends on how much cross over your existing customers are with your potential customers for the new items and if the brand holds any existing meaning for the new group already.
    If it is the same customers you are wanting to extend the product range to, then you really need to know what is their impression of your brand right now, do they literally see you as just wooden crate items? Suggest you work from customer insights back to your decision to rebrand or not.

    Hi @andyadmin , Yes, Marketing Minds is an approved Service Provider with the RBP network and can provide funded assistance if need be.

    Hey Michelle
    I forgot to mention that there is government funding to help small and medium sized businesses such as yours. This is full funding and you will be access industry experts to help you with what you need. This will be under Digital Enablement criteria.
    This is the page explaining the Regional Business Network (RBP) assistance
    And this is more detailed information about the COVID19 funding itself

    Hi Kelz,
    Thanks for asking. Can I suggest to firstly make sure that rebranding is the right thing for you? It can take up a lot of resources and money as well as risk losing some customers along the way. On the otherhand, it can attract and refresh.
    Have a read of this article- Thinking of rebranding? Here’s how to get it right
    Then read ‘7 Steps to Rebranding’
    These should help you.

    With regards to a good name, there are a number of naming routes. However generally, the shorter you can make it the better. Make sure it is easy to pronounce and spell. Check what it looks like in a url and most importantly, make sure the name is available to register as well as the domain in www.
    Route 1: You can have a direct name that is descriptive eg. Like ours – Marketing Minds- tells you exactly what it is
    Route 2: Have one that is made up and you can build a persona around eg. Uber or Facebook
    Route 3: Mainly for service industry- people’s name- tend to show experience and exclusivity.
    Route 4: Indirect association eg Manaaki or Google. This builds some immediate association yet you can make it your own.
    There are many pros and cons around each route and it will be an essay just to explain it.
    However, hopefully, this gives you a place to check your thinking and a starting point.

    Hi Michelle,
    Great that you’re reaching out!
    If you’re after online conversion, the first step is to get traffic and then once they land on your site, you want them to stay and then convert.
    I ran a quick analysis on your website and it looks like you are not ranking organically on Google nor are there any search traffic. As such,it looks like social media are your main source of traffic to your site?
    If that’s the case, your way forward is to drive traffic from:
    1. organic ranking on google (be on page 1)
    2. paid ads on google
    3. referral traffic from other sites i.e. expand your presence in other sites. This can include anything from Trademe to Facebook Market place or Warehouse The Market
    4. Utilise Facebook groups that supports local businesses to promote (eg. Made In NZ group, Girls in Business groups etc)

    In terms of conversion on your site, you need to look at your conversion path on the site. Look into your Google Analytics and look at buyer behaviour to understand the data there as to how long are they staying, main pages they view, which page do they leave from etc etc.
    There is quite a lot to learn, but hopefully this directs you as to what to do next.

    Hope this helps!