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  • I should have mentioned the price on our three sleepout Cubes.
    10 ft is $19,990, 20 ft is $23,190 and 40 ft is $32,990.
    Cheers, Graham.

    Thanks Guys, for all the suggestions and advice. We have had numerous enquiries from our website and we have followed up on all of them to no avail. We have put content onto our facebook page, and up until recently we had a social media company on board doing that. We do have 3 examples of “sleepouts”, one 10 ft., one 20 ft. and one 40 ft. which can be seen on our facebook page. They are not on our website as yet because our web developer has health issues and we have been chasing him for seven months now. They have double glazed windows/doors, fully insulated and lined on the inside ready to be fitted out accordingly.
    Unfortunately we have no other customer projects to display, as we have not sold a single one, apart from a 40 ft Mobile Health Clinic for Dr. Lance O’Sullivan.
    The challenge for us would be awareness reach, maybe price point. I agree with what you are saying about price, but at the end of the day they are actually more expensive to build, hence we are in the process of planning and costing a more affordable timber framed range of Cubes. And yes, there is a big market now for home offices etc.
    The lack of sales is from day one, and it is more of a conversion issue, more than a traffic issue.