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    Kia ora Natalie,

    All the above suggestions are 100% on point, I love the innovative thinking!

    What if you flipped it and created some video content teaching people how to capture your families experience whilst in lock down. How to set up there cell phone for example to get the best quality image and what apps are awesome to edit the images etc (or a camera what each setting actually means)? That way you are adding value without selling, but, also being the expert. So lets say if “John” who tuned in needs a photographer for (x) job in the future you will be on the list of people he calls…

    Just a thought, adding value and being current.

    Good luck



    Kia Ora Maryanne,

    One tactic to consider for content would be to create a video series explaining rehab techniques, step by step plans for different types of injuries/or issues your clients or potential clients may be facing.

    The content can be shared on the all social platforms YouTube,Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach your audience. If you have never edited a video before, your phone will be good enough to record and there are a number of free editing apps, filmora.wondershare.com as an example is easy to use, intuitive and has free and Pro options…

    To reach help your current clients find your content, you could call them and say, hey “luke” we just posted a video on social showcasing the preferred technique to rehab your shoulder, we’ll be posting a new video next week to so tune in…

    Hope that helps for now



    Hi Samuel, what have you been doing in the past to reach your audience?

    Have you considered creating some authentic video content to connect with your audience, maybe consider how you are managing to work in L4 environment, document your experience ?

    It is a great time to look at new digital avenues, Tik Tok is a platform that I would recommend spending 20+ hours researching to figure out how it all works and where it can add value to your business. With over a billion downloads its real! LinkedIn adds, maybe not the best time to invest on adds now, but a great time to figure out how to target your audience and become weapon once its practical to reach out to your consumers…

    Hope that helped in the interim…

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