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  • Hi,

    A simple but big question question. There are many good digital products but I would suggest to first start from a business planning view point. What is you business doing now, how does digital complement this and what are your goals.

    Think holistically about digital, the content round it and from a custom perspective what do you want to achieve/experience.

    Happy to discuss over a zoom/teams. glen.willoughby@nilo.net

    All the best. Glen

    Agree with Duncan and Ange’s advice.

    A good product with good feedback is a great position to be in. Many new businesses have similar challenges – starting with a low budget and still requiring high quality solutions supporting ‘being market competitive’.

    Repeating Duncan’s advice – Swiftly 1000 website project is a great option https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/.

    Smaller operators that comprise graphic design, web site setup to create a strong visual appeal may also be worth looking at. These are usually home based workers with low overheads and more compelling price points – https://www.souldesigngroup.co.nz/ is an example. There are others so shop around.

    A mix of the two may be worth considering.

    Happy to talk further.

    Good luck and please reach out to the Manaaki team.

    Swifty is a great solution. Net step is looking at graphics/branding and undertaking this work as cost effectively as possible.

    Below is a link to a small business, great pricing and high quality work.



    Hi Kirsty,

    Happy to help. I have a few peers using this solution in the US and Singapore. Send any specific questions through or happy to have a call to discuss further.

    CRAFT CMS is a good tool with a good roadmap forward. Git Hub is a good place to find ideas re how other people are using it, also.

    Kind regards,