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  • So many ways this could be answered so I will ask a couple more questions and cover some basics aroudnthe what/why rather than the how as until you have those nailed the “How” is irrelevant.

    1. is there anything, in particular, you are wanting to automate?
    2. What are your biggest bottle necks or friction points stopping conversions?

    Automation is great and there are so many options and things that can be automated but it is dangerous to head down an automation path without a clear vision of what you want to achieve and ensuring it is aligned with the core purpose.

    Rather than trying to “automate” your e-commerce site I would recommend first of all trying to identify the biggest friction points stopping conversions or bottle necks that are currently being slowed down by manual processes

    Examples of these could be:
    A lack of automated lead capture or nurture sequencing to increase conversions
    Manual printing, pick and packing and booking of couriers

    look at each friction point as an opportunity to introduce automation and treat them as separate projects. You can then prioritise budget and time as well as measure impact

    Happy to chat to help you get some clarity on the above at any stage.


    There is plenty of scope to incorporate both your story and those you sell to into your marketing. The reality is story sells like nothing else and eco friendly purchasers love story.

    This can help both your wholesale and direct sales through your site.

    Outside of that there is a lack of depth of SEO quality in the eco friendly market and something you could look at investing into build online sales while both telling your story and educating the market.

    Regular social content and active participation in social groups can also drive significant growth in sales and brand recall for online search further down the track.

    Lots of options to grow in this segment and happy to chat at any stage.


    Have you looked at any of the SME focussed 3PL specialists?

    Smartbox – Third Party Warehouse Management

    Storage & Distribution

    Logistics, Warehousing & Fulfilment

    There are quite a few that seem to fit your needs

    Hi there
    The most important thing right now is that you need to be a “Positive Realist”

    Business is down for most that aren’t an essential service and this is going to be the new normal for many.

    I have created a few LinkedIn posts on this over the past few weeks with some straight forward suggestions in what is hopefully a digestible form

    1. The Three P’s
    Invest in the Three P’s Right Now

    I thought I would go a little deeper and share a little about what we will be covering in our upcoming online workshops for our KIC Accelerator Program Clients

    Right now we need to think about the three P’s

    Over service an communicate often to your Existing Client Base
    Go through every expense line and strip out excess cost (including staff if needed – better to have a ship running at half speed than sinking with everyone on board)

    2. Promote Online:
    Visibility is key now to build a pipeline of goodwill (But Messaging is Key). The days of the hard sell based on fear and scarcity are never going to go away but businesses have got the biggest wake up call ever and you need to show value.

    Pivot: Know your lane and go deep BUT what else can you do that is aligned with it. If you do something completely different that is not pivoting and it is dangerous

    A wind up is not necessarily a bad thing, protect your war chest if there is no medium term opportunity. Protect cashflow and be ready to rejoin the market when you can

    Strategies that SME can focus on with little to no budget right now. You have time so invest that time in creating content, working on your website SEO, Creating Lead Magnets

    Give value today to build your list that will buy – create small bump offers to help identify the best prospects for higher ticket sales that you can approach directly

    Link to the video that goes into more detail: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/glennmarvin_businessplanning-activity-6650128290629677056-qpdl

    I have plenty of other posts there as well that cover tips, ideas etc and resources to help that would take far too long to type out

    Hey Pere
    While it may be hard to fully show how to create meals in a max 60sec TikTok video it could be a great leader for your YouTube or Instagram channel.

    It is a very common strategy for TikTok influencers to use the platform to grow their instagram or YT audience.

    If targeting the Chinese market then Instagram is not an option as it is blocked but the fundamentals on influencer marketing remain the same if you just focus on TikTok

    You need to earn the right to ask for product placement/sponsorship by creating great content first.

    With a small following and only a few videos I would not suggest approaching businesses yet for sponsored placement. While you may be awesome – as far as TikTok audience goes you ar a nobody today.

    Invest in yourself, back your ability and create those videos with the goal of building your audience.

    Earn the right to get sponsors on board and product placement.

    There is no easy option

    Good content, well produced, creates engagement and a following.

    Sponsorship follows

    Wish I could give you a magic bullet answer but there is no easy way to build an influencer strategy.

    Knowing your business a little I would not recommend TV at this stage.
    Look at completely upping your social game to start with including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (even LinkedIn believe it or not)

    Video will be key and you can create a cross section of content from hero videos like TVC’s through to more informational ones breaking down the conversion process in NZ as well as your servicing model etc.

    Join US based Tundra vehicle owners facebook community groups and connect with others there getting permission to share their images and possibly their own experiences wit their Tundra
    Showcase NZ conversions you have already completed and interviews with those owners

    Story sells – become a Tundra/lifestyle story teller that will build affinity in the market.

    Vehicle sales are a slow burn when you are at the premium end and new to the market so you need to build that audience and affinity with the brand showcasing why it is special.

    Identify three “Voice Pillars” you want to resonate through all your content (at Konnector our voice pillars are Trust, Education and Aspiration – Every piece of content we produce needs to go through that filter. Is is either going to build trust, educate or showcase work that others will aspire to emulate or be encouraged by).

    Then each month build a list of 3 Subjects (Categories) per Voice Pillar you can concentrate on and 3 individual and very specific topics per subject.
    EG This month under Trust for Konnector it is quite simple One “Subject/Category” is Live streaming Advice & we are conducting live interviews every weekday with business leaders to share their knowledge with small business owners. Another Subject under trust is “Our Journey” and we are talking about how we are coping over the Lockdown period and things we are implementing ourselves

    If you follow the 3 x 3 x 3 rule here you end up with a min of 27 Posts/content pieces per month that can be syndicated across multiple platforms giving you hundreds/thousands of exposures to your audience organically.

    When you then see what resonates with your audience you can start putting some $$ behind those posts to increase reach and constantly testing results.

    Using video you can actually run Thru View Ads on facebook which you don’t have to pay for unless people watch more than 15 seconds of your Ad (How cool is that). You can then get really clever in targeting and only show more ads to people that have watched more than 15 seconds of previous Ads – in effect creating an advertising funnel that gets more and more targeted so by the time you actually ask for them to take a specific action like download a Tundra Brochure they are already hot prospects and ready to take action.

    Typical sales ads like TVCs don’t work as well on social as we are selling in a social environment and we need to build the resonance with our brand before the ASK.

    Hope this helps mate

    Hi Soleil
    Andy and Leslie have provided absolutely solid advice and I agree with them.
    For the short-medium term I would also look at following the AirNZ lead on this.
    If they are clearly signalling they will be positioning themselves as a domestic airline with future international options as the world eases travel restrictions then I think it would be fair to assume that would be a good mindset for you to look at how to position your business over the next 12-24 months.

    The silver lining for travellers is that local tourism sector will be screaming out for cashflow and offering killer deals.

    Look at aligning yourself now with local operators and getting the message to your existing clients that they have an incredible opportunity to see their own country like never before and experience things that the originally thought were way out of their price range.

    This is a great way to look at reinventing domestic travel and those that sell this opportunity to the existing client base that traditionally took overseas trips will have a much greater chance of thriving.

    Domestic travellers also tend to have a shorter lead time so this could improve cashflow.

    Start talks with operators as early as you can so when NZ comes out of Level 4 and things start relaxing you are well positioned to take advantage of the timing when people will be looking at getting away from a home they have been cooped up in for weeks.

    You could also start showcasing local travel destinations and operators now (without the hard sell) to get your existing audience thinking about local options and show that you are supporting the industry.

    In short – be a leader not a follower and be ready to move ahead of the competition

    Hey Jordon

    As mentioned in the other replies this is something that most of us are facing right now and it has been brutal

    What we have done is created a “Risk and Opportunity Register” and made an internal audit of every one of our clients.

    We have graded each client on a scale of 1-5 for risk and opportunity.

    1 Being Lowest and 5 being highest.

    If they are high risk (no income and asking to go on hold/cancelling) and low opportunity (an industry that will be effected for a long time or we feel they will not recover) we have to make the hard decision to walk away.

    If they are low risk and high opportunity we double down in the current environment and over deliver on service making it very clear we are doing everything we can to help them right now so we can solidify our relationship and bank good will.

    The rest are on a sliding scale of time and commitment we will out into servicing them but for the most part we are over servicing, over communicating and over delivering compared to their existing budget so they see more value in keeping us on as service providers.

    Hope this helps


    Update on this today.
    Couriers will only be operating for essential services only.

    This shuts the opportunity down for home based businesses to still keep e-commerce sales and drop shipping opportunities.

    You’ll only be able to shop online for essential goods like food during the coronavirus lockdown.

    As Patrick has responded – it would be great to know your industry.

    If you have physical products and can store them at home/in your garage couriers are still doing drop-offs and pickups to physical residential addresses (at this stage)

    A real opportunity for some with mothers day etc coming up to boost sales while online shopping is the only real option