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    Thank you for posting your question here on Manaaki. It is great that you recognize the situation you are in and are seeking help with it. You are not alone! Many companies, especially in the health services arena, start with all the right intentions – passing on your experience and providing excellent service to help others in need. Unfortunately, you can also end up being the victims of your own success where you don’t have the capacity to fulfill the demand you have so successfully created. There are a number of options in terms of how you could go forward with your organization. But… the first question to answer is “what are you and your husband seeking?” This can be in terms of the type of company you want, what roles you would like within the organisation, what would your dream vision look like. Would you be happy having a successful business run by another person who specialises in General Management who can allow you guys to focus on your expert Art Therapy while they manage the contracts, employ other Art Therapists etc. With these answers in mind, there are people who can help you navigate the next phases of the business to allow you to focus on doing what you do well. And want to be doing, whatever that may be. There is an old but valuable book called ‘The E-Myth’ that helps businesses who end up starting a small company being the sole practitioners within it and suddenly find themselves with too much demand and needing to manage administering the business rather than working in it. I am happy to get on a call with you to chat this through if you think this would be helpful. Let know me know.

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    Have you read this:


    It also includes a link to Xero’s list of integrated Inventory solutions.

    Hopefully someone with experience in using these packages can give you an insight to which are the best in relation to your business.

    It’s only useful having one system if it is right for your business. Why compromise functionality when companies have good integration between their solutions and accounting systems like Xero.