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  • Leslie has some great advice there.
    I’d also consider focussing on areas you might have passed up previously, eg the top corporate market and executive travel / transfer as a challenge to Corporate Cab in that space – very much a towncar service. Also other business sectors where there is a need, such as the budding film / tv sector where transfers are required… Some top Auckland hotels may have ceased their own luxury transport options right now, but may look to contract out some services too. Perhaps partner up with some leading restaurants and offer a very bespoke dine and valet option – I think this market requires every tourism business to think totally outside the square to see how they can deploy their assets in new areas to seek an income… but it ain’t easy!

    Morena – send me an email to jonathan.cameron@elevatecp.co.nz and I’ll connect you to P&B.

    Hi LifestoneNZ.
    Looks like a lot of thought has gone into getting your products to where they are today, so that’s a massive shout out to you. For me, I think a consumer awareness piece is important, but I also think you need reach into the many funeral director business to grow awareness of your unique (and NZ product) so that there is both a consumer “pull” and a supplier (or agent/intermediary) “push”… From my own experience, their recommendations or products they showcase (and list of suppliers) basically dictate what to purchase… I’d suggest reaching out to a couple of the larger firms to discuss options and how they would recommend you growing in this market eg Davis Funerals in Auckland etc, attend industry association meetings/gatherings/conference to grow awareness (NZ/AU conference held every 5 years)… There are also a number of headstone companies that may wish to broaden their offering too, even if not made by them eg Parkinson & Bouskill (happy to connect you with the MD).
    I’d also think about how you can take what you have done and also apply it easily into close adjacencies, for example city council information display integrating multi media and tech (audio, QR code … as done with the Nepia pou), some classic examples could be the heritage trails in Auckland with sites of historical significance, or historic places etc… Worth talking to a couple about what could be…
    Good luck and keep the energy up!

    Some great ideas and offer of help there… I’d also check out the sources of where you’d seek funding to see what information they require and their application forms (and design your ‘pitch’ around that) e.g. NZ On Air, Creative NZ… Govt agencies often ask very different questions to typical investors, so good to read up on exactly what you need to demonstrate.
    Often the hardest part is just getting started with these documents and it’s good to just start writing down in powerpoint what it is you are wanting to do, why you are doing it, how you are going to do it, what does it look like (examples from elsewhere, content output etc), what you need to do it ($, resources, people, equipment, premise), and what the outcome looks like (financially, socially, etc).
    I’d also reach out to some of the community trusts in your region i.e Foundation North in Auckland North, Trust Waikato, as well as council to see if they can assist… Corporate sponsorship is another option.

    Hi there,
    Can you give us a bit more information around your business, what you do and where you are… It will allow us to provide a little more tailored advice…

    also the social enterprise everybody eats in Onehunga might have space / connections.

    Hi team,
    Have you contemplated getting in touch with other bespoke bakers in AKL that might have idle capacity in their kitchens ie. loaf, wild wheat etc?
    Would you be interested if a premise was available in Dunedin? If you are, reach out to me at jonathan.cameron@elevatecp.co.nz

    Kia ora Chriso,
    Some great feedback from Andy, and I agree that looking elsewhere outside of your traditional market in Wanaka might need to be the thing you have to do right now… potentially look to larger cities where there will be demand for events and weddings over summer, unfortunately this might require upping sticks temporarily or splitting between North/South Island, but outside venues for corporate events, weddings and the like might be a less riskier thing to plan for in those places.
    Have you talked to a few of the events / conference coordinators (convene / conferenz and others) as well as targeting some of the bigger corporates and professional services firms around their xmas function plans as well as the events teams at councils throughout the country on key events they are working on or festivals… or even a left field ideas such as even consider organising some of your own in conjunction with others in the Wanaka area… Council will be wanting to attract as many as possible with new things to tempt people there…?

    A great cause.
    Great advice Andy.
    There is bound to be a well known artist living locally to target for some seed funding, particularly if aligned to the cause…
    I’d also talk to your local Community Trust (Central Lakes Trust) and also Lottery Grants… SkyCity Queenstown Casino Community Trust applications close this month… so get one in! Application processes are normally on their websites, but have liaison people you can talk to too.
    They offer grants to community organisations… often they need to be a charitable organisation.
    I would also see if the Community Centre has any space to rent for peppercorn rates, or there may be additional facilities looking for short term tenants given closed borders (apartments etc).
    Good luck

    Hi Kylie,
    Great product and good on you for looking at how you can re-target NZ’ders.
    You might like to talk to http://www.thebigfoody.com/ – Elle Armon-Jones around how she is looking at the NZ market. She does food tours in the City, whereas yours is something quite different.
    Some great advice from Andy and Leslie.
    There will be a great many NZ’ders in the 50+ segment that will miss their “European walking holiday” so this is a prefect product to target that market. It is a matter of finding ways to target them. I am happy to introduce you to the team at Stuff who are promoting NZ travel products (send me an email at jonathan.cameron@elevatecp.co.nz). Stuff can also serve up a range of digital ads to a chosen demographic, or via the neighbourly platform (older set) also other targeted social media marketing is another technique on FB (you can pick a location and radius around it i.e. Big Law and Accounting / Banking offices) and LinkedIn (targeting particular titles – CEOs, CFOs etc).
    Another thing you could also do is take one of the presenters / invite one of the crew from Seven Sharp or The Project on a famil… could be a great piece to showcase what is on offer as a lot wouldn’t know about this at all, and a lot will be watching this in your segment.
    I do think you need to put yourselves in the NZ’ders shoes – I personally think the pick up from AKL may be seen as a hassle or waste of a day for some… we love to drive, so probably would rather drive to meet in the Coromandel than spend 3hrs in a minivan + you get to see/do more in region.
    I’d not forget about customers from the Waikato, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay as well – again a drive to the region, not a fly to AKL for pick-up (maybe fly for Hawkes Bay). We don’t explore our own place!
    I’d also think about shorter trips 1-2 night trips… particularly for the weekend market… An extension of the 1 day trip (short on time – I like!), but also want the overnight experience for a weekend away…
    Hope this helps!!

    And finally, you can do some targeting marketing using Facebook or LinkedIn… advertising to those located within a radius of the building or corporate you are targeting or with a particular title etc…

    Hi Pavan,
    I run an advisory business so I’ll answer from my own experience… Fundamentally nothing has changed… and your advise is as important as ever right now… its just how you hone into the needs of your clients and target new ones that you know will want your services, now or in the future… Pitching yourself, services, and cost, is critically important. And you should know how to do this given it is in your field (work, design, quality, niche (digital, mobile, tv, print, FMCG, animation etc…)
    I personally have a portfolio of existing clients that have increased work due to the quality work delivered and continued client relationships built on genuine care and relevancy. I have reached out to new clients through my relationships and networks. And I have signed up to share my advice freely to many organisations … some of which develop into paid roles now or in the future.
    For me, there is no one avenue to grow. In terms of delivery, I deliver services using a virtual office – a team of great people who contract in, and they are all people I have worked with, or admired, in the past for the quality work they do and how they complement me, my focus areas, and augment the service offering…
    Hope that helps a little…?

    Hi Jono
    Can you private message me on jonathan.cameron@elevatecp.co.nz to discuss an opportunity please.
    I am across a number of things where this could slot into something much bigger…
    The fact that 50% is domestic is very relevant right now…

    also… as a young pre-schooler many mons ago, my mum took me to all her pottery classes, so this is very nostalgic, but she passed on a very creative gene that has intertwined with my commercial and strategy brain… hence my enthusiasm to help!