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  • Kia Ora Taisha
    Wow ! you have a beautiful voice,And Tangi Houtuhotu is beautiful track. I also like your track on House 12

    A few of my Artist associates in the industry are starting do a lot more dance music in Te Reo. Its a beautifully unique edge we have to make our music stand out from the others.

    It looks like you have your music available on the relevant platforms. The key now is to obviously to try and connect.
    The beauty of Spotify is a wonderful platform to use when connected to your social communication platforms. learn to use Spotify as a social communication tool. Make playlists for people/fans to follow and in turn follow other playlists and influencers. have links on your social platforms linking people to your spotify artist page and your playlists. I would also start trying to connect with and service your music to creative directors at agencies, as well as music supervisors at Film and Television. Jan Hellreigal at Aeroplane music is a good song broker to try and connect with in regard getting your music in front of Film and TV jan@aeroplanemusic.co.nz

    Good luck

    Phil Howling

    Could you please give a little more detail and maybe some examples of what you mean by Event Styling ?

    Phil Howling

    The above advisors are on point. At this present time you should be following up and checking on the well being of your existing client base. The success of any business is founded on customer care and service . You have a customer base that probably needs your help more than ever. Use this time to follow up and fine tune your Client services..It will reap you rewards and reputation in the future.

    NZONAIR is a Government funding body that only funds commercially focused creative content. This includes, Recorded music,Video,Film and Television for broadcasting, Including digital platforms.The set up of a private radio station would be considered a business enterprise that would require small business funding or private investment. If the station is community or Iwi focused I would look to an appropriate funding body for the specific communities you would be servicing and supporting.

    best of luck

    Sounds pretty straight forward to me. Please send a link to your service platform and I will take a look at its functionality.