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  • Hello, In addition to the excellent points above, I would map the ecosystem of services you provide and establish relationships with potential partners like structural engineering firms. Put together a portfolio of successful project and clients and present that to these partners. Also underscore the connection with the successful Australian branch and collaborate for insights, education, success and learnings.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Natalie,
    Some great ideas above. One tangential thought — Would there be photos in your portfolio that could be appropriate (have required permissions) for stock imagery site? Also images of the city in lockdown on your walks could be a resource for news sites / channels, potentially.

    Also surprising some existing / old clients with a photo from their shoot, not included with their original package could bring a smile back and you could be sure they come back to you when they want pictures taken.

    Stay well,

    This is a great idea. There are some industries actively hiring now. It would be great to offer a matchmaking app or website that highlights jobs available.