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  • Thanks Sarah, yes Canva…my wife has just got on to it so have seen its user friendly approach, best Scotty

    Thanks Pat – good suggestions, best Scotty

    Hi Angela, thanks for that – we’ve just started to engage with someone (another referral) so we’ll see how we go…Dave’s portfolio looks great! Thanks Scotty

    Legend – thanks so much!

    Yes, great thoughts thanks Andy – do you have any contacts at MSD I could follow up with? Thanks – really appreciate it

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks very much for that – at this stage, as you suggest, funding would be to help with: –

    – ‘infrastructure / marketing’ costs to get the business going more quickly
    – to help fund some of the training we’ll give to apprentices when they are in their roles

    I have tried people at Callaghan and Ateed but to no avail so far (they’re not keen to to help those who are ‘pre-revenue’). I’ll try the MSD next!

    I know I’m dealing with some large government entities here so appreciate it will take time however any other suggestions/contacts gratefully received!

    Thanks very much