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    Kia ora everyone – apologise for the delayed response. Had a few days off to breathe and self-care.

    Hey Andy – thanks for taking the time to reply. Really appreciate it. Our thoughts:
    1. Landlord – Finding the right one that aligns in values is tricky. Have approached all the major property agents.
    2. Corporate – Yes will definitely approach Foodstuffs and Countdown.
    3. Funding
    – We approached Minister Sepuloni and Minister Salesa about funding support on the back of Gov’s announcement of allocating the biggest ever funding boost, but we don’t qualify for the $1.7b annual funding because we are not a service provider http://shorturl.at/mrHY9
    – We’ve arranged a meeting with catch up with MSD next week to explore options
    – In the meantime we are deploying tactical campaigns to generate cash.
    – Worst case scenario, we are considering pivoting to make non-bake product range which will reduce production footprint and overheads to get us through the next six months.
    – Keen to also explore Liz’s suggestion of bringing in investors.
    4. Local MP – Jacinda Ardern and Melissa Lee. Will reach out to them.
    5. Food Bowl – Looks like a great option. We’ll be keen to connect with their CEO.

    Kia ora John! Thank you for response. Appreciate you taking the time to support us. Our thoughts:
    1. We currently supply to 8 NW stores in Auckland. We don’t do a world-class job in managing this channel. We’re looking to recruit a distribution and partnership manager.
    2. We’re looking for a permanent kitchen as the preferred solution to optimum productivity, efficiency, and staff engagement. That means, baking any of the four days a week from 8am – 4pm, with run-of-the-mill commercial baking equipment, fridge space to store our butter, dry storage facilities and close to public transport. Our products are made from 5 simple ingredients for easy storage (butter, almond, wheat flour, cornflour and icing sugar)

    Kia ora Liz! Thank you for your response. Appreciate you taking the time to support us. Our thoughts:
    1. We thought about the idea of purchase or built from scratch, but decided to park this as the next phase after we build up some experience in running our own kitchen full time for the next 2-3 years. We’ve been co-sharing kitchen over the last two years at Eat My Lunch thanks to Lisa’s generosity.
    2. That said, with the right investor and world-class talent in the management team, this will open up new possibilities, accelerate our growth and scale our impact to a national level with direct sales distribution, ie Local Cookie Reps who are self-employed Kiwis with disabilities as our direct sales team on the ground.
    3. Our business fundamentals are solid with self-sutainable margins and proven impact model. If we have the opportunity to purchase, we’d be looking at open warehouse, or ex-catering business, or ex-bakery. We went to check out this ex-bakery place in Penrose on Friday and the landlord is looking to lease with intention to sell at the end of lease (2.5 years), it requires a fair bit of work to fit out but ticks many other boxes. We’d love to tee up a time to have a chat on Monday to explore the investor avenue – Our email is nomnomnom@thecookieprojectnz.com

    Kia ora Jonathan! Thank you for your response. Appreciate you taking the time to support us. Our thoughts:
    1. We’re reaching out to Baking Industry Association of New Zealand to see if there’s any kitchens with idle capacity. If you have any connection to Molly Woppy or Kea
    2. Unfortunatley, Dunedin may not work for us because the management team and trained bakers are based in Auckland. Our good friends at Cookie Time also offered production support for us in Christchurch.
    3. We’ll reach out to Nick from Everybody Eats and explore their space. We met Nick a few weeks ago and he’s very helpful and genuine.

    Thanks everyone for your input, suggestions and feedback.