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  • In this instance I’d rely on cold calling. Physically go and meet companies you’d like to work with. Offer them a novel programme that’s of value to their employees or customers and is a little different from other options but not too quirky that it wouldn’t be difficult to share. Employers endorse you when they hire you so they need something non contentious.

    If you have no existing testimonials behind you and are really in a start up stage, you may need to offer a discount eg 75% savings on the programme for the first 5 clients or for the first 3 sessions.

    In my trips I discounted the “Pilot Programme” to get the client names and testimonials to endorse me going forward and test my product/service. Piloting a programme also removes the risk to the client as they are under no illusion that you are a start up and they get to share in this experience.

    Once you have some names and testimonials the other forums of marketing are a little more effective but in my experience…it often comes down to cold calling and eventually word of mouth.


    I can’t give you official guidance sorry but hopefully another viewpoint here can provide that. I can only encourage you from a leadership perspective to simply take your own stance.

    We decided early on in relation to our own companies to decide what leadership of the industry would look like and not wait to be told what to do but role model responsibility for others. You do this anywhere and I think the short term cost will pay off.

    Best of luck with the direction you chose to take. I understand the difficulties (I co-own a tourism business!) so its challenging and creative times. X

    Hi, like others have said above, what you’re feeling is felt by many right now, and I say this only for you not to feel like you are not coping. But, you are right in that it’s incredibly uncomfortable and will be massively impacting your ability to see and think clearly.

    With overwhelm it’s always helpful to talk to someone to find out what’s triggered it (if this is a new experience to you) as sometimes there’s something left field that you can take action around that you may not have realised was feeding it, it’s easy to think it’s the unknowns of business right now And there may be something else going on (relations stress, kids, health…).

    I’m happy to chat to you if you’d like and see if we can find some actions you might take but it’s important you get medical support if that’s also direction you feel.

    Tips that have helped me with business and covid related anxiety (as my businesses are also affected) are:
    – Reclarifying big picture goals And priorities
    – Reflecting each day on any areas that bothered me and what action I could take around them (conversations to have etc).
    – Re employees we told them there was no certainty right now and would get covid subsidy for them as long as we could but contracting hours was all that we could offer after that until things changed. So we are giving them the options to find security elsewhere if they chose.
    – And we are not doing long term planning as there are simply to many unknowns and just planning actions day by day for now
    – regarding getting help, you need to chose what help you need. Coaching is great if you are healthy but need help seeing the wood for the trees and moving forward, counselling, drs, nutritionists etc….there are so many forms of support depending on exactly where you are at and what you need. And you are the best one to decide this. I’m a coach and available if that feels like the step and there are certain mental tools that can be learned that help remove the stress dog and bring your own clarity back.

    Kind regards,

    Yes it’s crazy stressful times for business like yours and many others. I’ve not yet seen banks grant lending holidays to commercial properties (though is always worth asking as they don’t want to lose their tenants right now either) so people are mostly still paying rent (correct me if I’m mistaken but this is our definite experience). IRD has released a loan scheme you can access from their website which looks helpful. That’s all I know of for cashflow relief right now. Banks seem to still be a bit hit and miss re support.

    Questions I’d personally be looking at is:
    Income generation – can I pre sell any vouchers for future services?
    Personal and employee protection –
    Creativity – can I generate income from other means?
    Family – can I do anything to secure my family finances?
    Lease – can I get a lease reduction and what are my contingencies here if I can’t?

    Firstly I’d suggest you relax any self judgements about being in a rut. I think most of the planet is feeling a bit stuck, uncertain, anxious and fearful right now and have no idea the perfect step to take :). The fact that you’re thinking about how to take things to a next level is a great sign in this climate.

    Without knowing any details of your business (and I’m happy to have a chat if you’d find it helpful so that I can understand your context better), I personally suggest now is a time to take a totally fresh sheet approach to your marketing. The climate has changed so significantly in so many ways. Ask yourself, what’s your intention, what’s the value you offer, to whom and who is currently willing and able to pay for it? Do they have awareness of your offer? Do they understand your offer? Keep your steps super simple. Use a mind map if you like that approach. Keep investment simple right now until the future is clearer. And be prepared to repeat. Take small actions right now, each day towards one client, one connection etc…and try stuff. Ask questions. This will bring info and motivation. See what works. See if it doesn’t. Ask why. Both are equally useful for progress. What are others doing that works/that doesn’t and why.

    I don’t think there’s one right answer for you here around the step to take but rescale your expectations and stay flexible. Timing for the right action at the right time is always key. Hope this helps.

    Hi Angela,
    I think this is a question of risk you’re willing to take as a team. Maybe these questions would be good posed to your team to determine whether they are willing to return to work under level 2 and what the best steps you all feel you can take to reduce risk. I think it’s widely debated about the effectiveness of masks, and, your occupation is so physically close to patients it’s as close to medical operators as you can get and I’m sure you’ve seen how extensive their precautions are.

    Masks or not, it may be that you want to consider pre questioning clients, exploring if you take all clients or just certain cases, where you work and where clients go/touch etc, how you secure yourself and others to your best ability.

    I’d talk to medical people about your masks and supplies question, but I’d also talk to your team to see how they want to operate if you return to work at level 2. I can totally understand your concerns here but there is no right answer to your question I don’t think but a leadership decision around risk and risk plans which is a broader question than just masks.


    Have you called and reconnected with your passed clients? Let them know you’re still available and working online and asked them for referrals? In my experience, people in this group often find it hard to reach for support so it can be their friends and family that will encourage them to reach out to you.

    If you want more local clients, maybe let local therapies know you’re available and qualified (support hen with any over run) and advertise on local community pages.

    Also connect with any specialists and authorities working in high risk areas that may want to refer people for support.