Hi there, I launched my online business nearly 2 years ago. Sales have been growing since January and I have finally been able to start paying myself a small amount each week. My brand is called Sandy Days NZ, I feel that as I’m growing my aesthetic is becoming more clear but I’m struggling to get the momentum and sales I need to really step up my business. I’ve just signed on a digital marketing agency that are doing my fb and insta ads but sales are only drips and drabs and I’m losing money every day as it’s still early days with the ads and I know they take time to work. I’m wondering if you have any organic ways to grow brand awareness or any online courses you can recommend to really start nailing and scaling the business. I don’t hold all the stock on hand to help lower the overheads but I’m wondering if this is a deterrent to potential customers as they have to wait 2-3 weeks for their products? My website is www.sandydays.co.nzthanks so much,Sarah